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Silver-haired sit-in, face mask party protests planned for HK

Young and old continue to protest in different ways.

HK rail system shutdown due to violent clashes over mask ban

The ban was aimed at quelling nearly 4 months of unrest but instead sparked widespread clashes.

Canadian police illegally shared info on Huawei exec, say lawyers

Defence team claims 'covert criminal investigations on behalf of FBI' includes unlawful sharing of Meng Wanzhou's phone details.

More protests planned after another night of violence in Hong Kong

Thousands, young and old, gathered peacefully on Saturday before violence broke.

Cops aim to bring Jho Low back by year-end

Police say they know the location of the fugitive businessman.

Huawei CFO awakens Canadians to long, strong arm of China

Trudeau refuses to interfere in Meng's extradition, leaving it to the law.

Malaysia used as pawns in US bid to nab North Korean...

Mun Chol Myong is battling the government's decision to extradite him to the US, in what his lawyer says is a highly politicised case.

We don’t need to protect Zakir Naik, says Lawyers for Liberty

The lawyers' group urges the government to act against the controversial preacher and stop giving him special treatment.

Dr M maintains, Naik’s extradition never raised in meeting with Modi

The prime minister says his Indian counterpart mentioned Zakir Naik but never asked for the preacher to be sent back.

We did ask for Naik’s extradition, says India

Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar rebuts Dr Mahathir Mohamad's claim that no extradition request was made for the controversial preacher.

Modi talks to Mahathir about Naik extradition

This issue was among many others brought up during a meeting of the two leaders in Russia.

MEPs urge Kiev not to extradite MH17 suspect to Moscow

Volodymyr Tsemakh is a key suspect in the investigation and European parliamentary members say his availability and testimony is of the utmost importance.

Anwar says Naik is provocative but did not intend to insult

PKR president says he is in favour of allowing the popular evangelist to remain in Malaysia while investigations are being carried out.

Mexico does not want El Paso shooter executed

The Mexican constitution does not allow the death penalty, hence its government is seeking to extradite Patrick Crusius.

Ex-Peru president wanted for corruption arrested in US

Alejandro Toledo is suspected of involvement in the sprawling Odebrecht scandal in which it paid bribes to secure huge public works contracts.

Request for extradition of Zakir Naik ‘under consultation’, says India

New Delhi says it has been informed by Putrajaya the request is under consultation and the process will take time.

US seeks extradition of North Korean from Malaysia

Mun Chol Myong was arrested for alleged involvement in money-laundering in breach of sanctions against Pyongyang.

Britain tells China to honour Hong Kong freedoms

Britain calls China to honour its commitments to protect Hong Kong's freedoms in view of a proposed legislation allowing extraditions to the republic.

Huawei CFO’s lawyers seek to withdraw extradition proceedings

Meng Wanzhou's lawyers claim her extradition is being sought for political purposes as opposed to legitimate law enforcement reasons.

Why are we allowing Zakir Naik to stay?

Could the controversial preacher be an asset to the ruling coalition in the long run?

Hong Kong democracy activist freed from jail, vows to join mass...

The protests against the extradition bill have become the most significant challenge to China's relationship with the territory since it was handed back by Britain 22 years ago.

Dr M’s sudden concern about the Indian justice system

Malaysia has deported dozens of foreign nationals to countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia where justice is fleeting and torture rampant.

UK court sets Assange US extradition hearing for February 2020

Julian Assange faces 18 counts in the US including conspiring to hack government computers and violating an espionage law.

Muslims in India will ensure fair trial for Zakir Naik, ex-MIC...

The former health minister adds to criticism of the prime minister's remarks on the Indian judiciary.