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Tag: extremism

Extremists everywhere, why pinpoint Islam, says Salleh

Former federal minister says violence is not a tenet of the religion, and a small minority does not represent the world's 2 billion followers of Islam.

Trump, Modi vow fight on extremists in mass rally

President Trump stood by Modi over controversial decisions, including on Kashmir.

India’s Kashmir crackdown will spur global Muslim extremism, says Imran Khan

Imran Khan says India's crackdown on Kashmir will push the world's Muslims into extremism.

Malaysia is a nation of extremes

Extremism can either rear its ugly head or contribute to progressive collective behaviour.

Sri Lanka court orders remains of Easter attacker moved after protests

The remains will be exhumed and kept in a mortuary until a suitable place to bury them is found.

A plea for unity from ex-minister Hishammuddin

The country should reject bigotry and extremism.

Germany arrests two more suspects linked to politician’s murder

Luebcke's killing revives a debate about whether Germany is doing enough to combat far-right groups, after the chance discovery in 2011 of a neo-Nazi cell.

Hard to fight extremism at school, says ex-headmaster

He says the entire public school system would have to be reformed, which will not be easy.

Education, compassion only way to steer extremists onto right path, says...

Minister says if someone is devoid of love and happiness, they will be more easily influenced by extremism and radicalism.

Arrest politicians sowing hatred to stop terrorism, says anti-crime expert

USM's P Sundramoorthy says politicians have the power to directly and indirectly influence ordinary folk to carry out acts of violence and it is time the police acted against any politician fuelling racial and religious hatred.

An open letter to Dr M and Maszlee on extremism in...

A parent relates an incident at his son's school during the Islamic Studies class.

Facebook-streamed violence banned under new Australian law

Australia's law to stop violent content to be streamed on Facebook is considered flawed.

Morocco institute trains imams to counter extremism

Mohammed VI Institute's mission to counter 'radical speech' would start by correcting mistaken concepts and misinterpretations of the Qur'an and the Hadith.

Man charged with NZ mosque attacks gave money to Austrian far-right

The head of Austria's Identitarian Movement received US$1,690 in early 2018 from a donor with the same name as the man charged over the March 15 Christchurch attacks.

Facebook removes accounts for ‘coordinated inauthentic behaviour’

The social media platform has recently been cracking down on such accounts in many countries after coming under fire in the last two years.

Australia threatens social media execs with jail over terror images

The government had set up a task force to review possible responses to posting and spread of terrorist material online.

Mujahid’s reformist facade

The minister has gone from standing alongside a transgender activist to open hostility against them, and now he is praising Salafist preacher Zakir Naik.

Reject religious extremism, Shafie tells Sabahans after Christmas party row

Racism will wreck harmony and unity in the state, says CM.

Chinese city urges those “poisoned by extremism” to confess crimes

Actions ranging from being in contact with overseas terror groups to conservative Islamic behaviour should prompt individuals to turn themselves in.

Asri says Perlis Islamic schools free from extremism

It comes after police arrested eight persons accused of spreading extremist teachings.

Umno-PAS collaboration won’t do them any favours

Their approach to extreme politics of race and religion has alarmed the non-Malays and cannot be accepted by the rational Malays.

Countering terrorism with democracy

There needs to be a holistic approach to security threats where government, businesses, civil society, police and military work together to develop comprehensive policies.

Combating extremism: Saudi Arabia must act, not just talk

Saudi Arabia should defund terrorist organisations and the extremist 'schools' that provide them with recruits and influence.

What’s so special about Zakir Naik?

Putrajaya must explain why it refuses to extradite the Indian cleric and why he deserves to remain in Malaysia.