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Tag: Ezra Zaid

Court dismisses publisher’s challenge against Jais

The High Court ruled that the religious authorities’ investigation and enforcement powers are not open for review.

Penerbit buku Irshad Manji gagal cabar tindakan Jais

Ezra Zaid akan dibicarakan di Mahkamah Syariah mengikut seksyen 16 atas kesalahan menjual dan mengedarkan buku yang bertentangan dengan prinsip Islam.

Shariah court date for Ezra Zaid after challenge fails

ZI Publications director to face trial for sale, distribution of banned Bahasa Malaysia version of Allah, Liberty and Love by Canadian author Irshad Manji.

Journalists and the hard truth about censorship

TV news anchor Charles Mohan says budding journalists must realise there will be restrictions to their power as journalists.

G25: Selangor has no powers over publishing

Group of retired civil servants points out that only Parliament can legislate on publications