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Tag: Fa Abdul

Where’s my duit raya?

Sadly today, many of our younger generation grow up with a sense of entitlement thanks to traditions like the giving of duit raya during the month of Syawal.

Our Hari Raya breakfast conversation

It is beautiful how we can sit around the same table and discuss matters of a sensitive nature without ending up throwing chairs and cutlery at each other.

More to Ramadan than just hunger and thirst

Ramadan should also be a time to cleanse our souls and make us more aware of the plight of others around us.

There is a thief among us, Tok Imam!

While some go to the mosque to pray for blessings and forgiveness, others prowl around the compound, busy scheming on what to steal next.

What happens when teachers bully?

It is a sad day indeed when the educators entrusted by parents to mould the minds of their children, end up bullying them instead.

‘He’s not a bully. He’s my friend. And he’s just joking.’

Parents must tell their children that bullying is never okay whatever form it takes and whoever the perpetrators may be.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai at Ramadan Bazaar

A random encounter at a Ramadan bazaar gets Fa thinking about how welcoming (or not) Malaysians tend to be to foreigners in our land.

This one’s for you, Syaza

How many more who succumb to the vicious marketing strategies of beauty products, will fall victim to their ploys and end up paying with their lives?

When Ramadan brings out the blues in me

Ramadan makes one vulnerable and allows one to get in touch with the deepest parts of one's soul.

Thinking of Allah at the pagoda

Nothing is comparable to aqidah, for if you do not possess aqidah, your faith in your religion is fragile, your love for Allah is weak.

When mothers die a little every day

Mother's Day is less about gifts and fancy meals and more about spending quality time with your mother in heart-to-heart conversations.

Because it’s our grandfather’s road

The Malaysian driver's obsession with honking goes under the microscope.

Diatribe, divine mango trees and 2 newfound brothers

A chance encounter restores the faith of one Hindu in all Malays and Muslims.

Abuse at school: Who should be held liable?

When abuse takes place at a school whether public or private, who are the relevant parties who should be held responsible?

What happened to my nasi lemak, makcik?

A disappointing packet of nasi lemak gets Fa lamenting on how the authorities discriminate between mamaks and makciks.

Goodbye taxi… see you, Grab

If taxi drivers want to win the hearts of passengers they have lost to Uber and Grab, they had better buck-up by using meters, being courteous and keeping their vehicles clean and roadworthy.

The story of Pakcik Bidin and child marriages

Inside the mind of a man who favours child marriages and why there is a real need to bridge the gap between them and us.

What would you do if your daughter was raped?

Would you advise your daughter to keep mum about the rape or would you report the incident to the police in the hope that the rapist is put behind bars?

Tombs of trash an insult to the living

Cleaning the tombs of the deceased is an act of selflessness that shouldn't be overshadowed by the careless discarding of trash all over the cemetery.

Lessons from my boy…

Stumped at how to cough up enough cash to pay her son's university fees, Fa gets a gentle reminder that we make our own happiness and success.

‘If they can do it, why can’t you?’

Rather than strive to have the perfect body, everyday moms are either holding down a 9-5 job or up to their eyeballs in housework with no time left to preen themselves.

‘Kisah dari Jamban’, cerita pasal apa ni?

'Tales from the Jamban' membawa elemen di luar jangkaan seperti kehamilan di kalangan remaja, vandalisme, pengubahan wang haram dan sebagainya.

Much ado about makan-makan

While we boycott some eating establishments for political or religious reasons, we hardly ever do it because some places are just downright filthy.

Caning therapy, anyone?

If caning can be the cure for illicit sex, can it also be the cure for corruption?