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Tag: Facebook Live

Penang tunnel: Wee attacks Guan Eng over refusal to debate

The MCA deputy president says the Penang chief minister practises double standards when choosing opponents to debate.

‘Watch your mouth on Facebook Live’

A lawyer says the lack of an element of delay makes the social medium especially dangerous for politicians.

New Malay movie streamed on FB Live from cinema

Producers believe they have suffered losses of RM2 million as the streaming was watched by 200,000 viewers on the Facebook pages of two individuals.

Sesi ‘live’ bersama Dr Mahathir jadi medan sindir pelakon Fathia Latiff

Ramai melahirkan kekecewaan dengan soalan pelakon drama itu yang dilihat remeh dan tidak mencerminkan isu penting.

Cops question Tony Pua over 2-minute Facebook clip

This follows Najib Razak's defamation suit against the DAP leader.

Thai man murders child, kills himself on Facebook Live

Police said they believed the man, Wuttisan Wongtalay, had previously argued with the mother of the murdered child, an 11-month girl.

Trump launches nightly Facebook show to skirt ‘media filter’

The live show comes amid chatter that the bombastic billionaire is looking to start his own media company should his presidential bid fail -- reports Trump has brushed off.