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Health ministry to meet Facebook over complaints that hotline is blocked

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says a complaint was lodged with WhatsApp claiming that the ministry's hotline has breached the messaging platform's terms and conditions.

Facebook’s Libra runs into instant political opposition in Europe

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire wants the Group of Seven central bank governors to prepare a report on Facebook’s project.

Facebook warns it can’t fully solve toxic content problem

Facebook has 30,000 people working on the issue of the safety of the platform, up from less than 3,000 people two years ago.

Facebook gains, beating peers, after crypto

Facebook is progressing towards its cryptocurrency ambitions and big companies will invest about US$10 million to oversee the digital coin.

No special treatment: Fake video of Zuckerberg stays on Instagram

Instagram will refrain from taking down a "deepfake video" of Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg bragging about controlling billions of people's "stolen" personal data.

US antitrust chief says past enforcement could presage new probe of...

The top US antitrust enforcer says that studying enforcement actions against Standard Oil and AT&T decades ago can help look at possible anti-competitive behaviour at Google and Facebook.

Mangsa penipuan wang palsu diminta bantu siasatan polis

Polis berkata, seorang Wanita dilapor membeli barang dari peniaga jalanan dengan wang palsu RM100 di daerah Kemaman, Terengganu.

Facebook to cut off Huawei to comply with US sanctions

The move by Facebook is the latest to isolate Huawei, which has become the world's second-largest smartphone vendor.

Supervisor loses RM79,636 in online loan scam

Man who wanted to apply for RM500,000 loan paid RM79,363 into 13 bank accounts as 'administration' fee.

Google, Facebook and Apple fall amid antitrust scrutiny

Google, Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. tumbles as the companies prepare to undergo US antitrust probes.

Apple touts privacy in web sign-on war with Facebook, Google

Apple launches a "Sign In With Apple" function to rival Facebook and Google web login accounts, drawing a contrast with rivals by stressing protection of users' information.

Group lodges police report on FB post showing Mujahid carrying ‘kavadi’

The minister had also filed a report against the FB account holder yesterday 'for tarnishing his image'.

G20 digital tax takes a step closer

A total of 129 countries have signed off on a roadmap to grab a fairer tax share of the companies' booming sales.

Facebook loses bid to block landmark ECJ data security hearing

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg is now set to hear the case in July.

Unhappy Facebook investors seek to confront Zuckerberg, board

Facebook Inc.’s board of directors proposes to change the company’s dual-class voting structure benefiting CEO Mark Zuckerberg despite him owning only a minority of the company’s shares.

Work with us for positive changes, Dr M urges Facebook

The prime minister wants the social media giant and other platform providers to continue collaborating with the government as well as law enforcement agencies.

Microsoft, Facebook to help tame internet ahead of Canada’s election

Microsoft Corp and Facebook Inc agree to help boost the security of Canada’s October election by removing fake accounts and cracking down on bots, according to a top government official.

Ciri baru WhatsApp muat naik WA Stories terus ke Facebook bakal...

WhatsApp akan ada ciri baharu untuk muat naik WA Stories terus ke Facebook

Fake Facebook accounts: The never-ending battle against bots

WASHINGTON: The staggering figure of more than three billion fake accounts blocked by Facebook over a six-month period highlights the challenges faced by social...

Facebook plans cryptocurrency launch next year

Facebook's 'GlobalCoin' will be launched in about 12 countries as it works with US and British financial regulators to launch its own cryptocurrency.

Breakup isn’t the answer, Facebook’s Zuckerberg says

Mark Zuckerberg's defence comes as the company recently disabled billions of bogus accounts and says that 5% of active accounts are likely fakes.

Online trove of Instagram influencer info unguarded

Scrapping information from Instagram accounts is against policies at the photo and video-centric social network owned by Facebook.

Facebook removes 265 ‘fake accounts’ linked to Israel

Facebook removed 265 'inauthentic' Facebook and Instagram accounts linked to Israel targeting users in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Facebook removes 265 fake accounts linked to Israeli firm

The move is part of wider efforts by Facebook to address concerns over privacy lapses and hate speech in social media.