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It’s separation of powers, not lack of freedom, lawyer says on...

A Srimurugan says Suaram should urge the government to amend the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 if it feels the offence and punishment prescribed hinders the right to free speech.

Suaram questions Pakatan’s will after Fahmi ruling

It is absurd to argue that the political satire by Fahmi Reza can pose a threat to national security, says Suaram chief.

Fahmi Reza fails to strike out conviction for publishing Najib caricature

Court of Appeal upholds the High Court's decision to jail and fine the graphic designer.

Fahmi Reza gagal ketepi sabitan hina Najib

Hakim berkata, sabitan terhadapnya dikekalkan kerana mahkamah mendapati tiada merit dalam rayuan pereka grafik itu dan ia disokong keterangan saksi pendakwaan sebelum ini.

Pendakwaan tarik balik rayuan hukuman Fahmi Reza hina Najib

Pihak pendakwaan mahu pereka grafik itu dikenakan hukuman lebih berat kerana memuat naik imej karikatur menghina Najib Razak di Facebooknya pada 2016.

Govt won’t ask for stiffer punishment for Fahmi Reza

The Court of Appeal will now hear the activist’s plea to set aside the conviction on another date.

Najib caricature: Graphic designer Fahmi Reza seeks to quash guilty verdict

He was fined RM10,000 by the High Court last November for posting the drawing that resembled Najib Razak.

Gobind to meet AG over activist’s conviction on clown caricature

He says the meeting is to clarify whether the moratorium already imposed also applies to cases on trial or under appeal.

It’s satire, of course it will be offensive, says lawyers group...

Lawyers for Liberty adviser N Surendran says the decision to uphold Fahmi Reza's conviction contravenes the Federal Constitution which guarantees freedom of speech and expression.

Court upholds conviction over Najib caricature, but artist escapes jail

The High Court also reduces the fine imposed on Fahmi Reza to RM10,000.

Court frees activist Fahmi Reza of Najib-lookalike clown picture charge

Acquittal comes after prosecution tells Sessions Court it does not wish to proceed with the case against Fahmi Reza.

Akhirnya Najib dapat rasa apa saya lalui, kata kartunis

Fahmi Reza didapati bersalah tahun ini terhadap lakaran 'badut' Najib Razak yang dimuat naik ke media sosial.

Fahmi Reza: Saya akan terus kritik pihak kerajaan

Kartunis itu mengingatkan kerajaan PH tidak menangkap aktivis yang mendedahkan salah guna kuasa di media sosial dan di dinding jalanan.

What do Zunar, Zacharevic, Fahmi and Namewee have in common?

They are not politicians or members of social activism groups, but they are not afraid to speak out against injustice and corruption.

Fahmi speechless at raising RM30,000 fine in 18 hours

The artist thanks donors who contributed towards the fine he was given after being found guilty of breaching the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

After Fahmi Reza’s conviction, we are all clowns

We need to end the cycle of silencing freedom of expression because somebody feels bad about how his face was portrayed as a clown's.

Hukum Fahmi Reza kerana karikatur badut keterlaluan, kata pengkritik

Kartunis, Zunar berkata Fahmi tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan, manakala Pengarah Eksekutif Lawyers for Liberty, Eric Paulsen berkata sabitan itu mengarut dan hukuman sangat berat.

Fahmi Reza’s punishment for clown art excessive, say critics

Fellow cartoonist Zunar thinks Fahmi has done nothing wrong, while Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen says the conviction is preposterous and the sentence harsh

Zaid: Use existing laws, no need for new law on ‘fake...

Former minister Zaid Ibrahim says any new law could amount to punishing citizens who give their views that upset leaders.

Artist jailed a month, fined RM30,000 for clown caricature of PM

Fahmi Reza's lawyer, Syahredzan Johan, says the judge did not give any grounds for the ruling.

Kes kartunis aibkan pemimpin negara ditangguh 7 Februari

Hakim mengarahkan Fahmi Reza membela diri selepas mendapati pihak pendakwaan berjaya membuktikan kes prima facie.

Tak perlu sensitif dengan kartun, kata Nazri kepada ahli politik

Menteri pelancongan dan kebudayaan itu berkata, kartunis tidak patut membiarkan karya mereka disekat.

Trial of activist over improper use of network facilities to proceed

In making the order in the case involving Fahmi Reza, the Federal Court turns down government's application to determine whether a provision in a federal law is unconstitutional.

Zunar pans lack of critical content at festival as shameful

The political cartoonist says although audiences may enjoy what will be showcased at the KL International Arts Festival, they will not go home further thinking or debating about them.