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Tag: fair trial

Lawyer: Jho Low’s refusal to face trial smacks of arrogance

Fugitive businessman's claim that he will not get a fair trial aimed at provoking government, says SN Nair.

Public discussion not prejudicial to Najib, says Syahredzan

The political secretary to Lim Kit Siang says this is because the country does not practise the jury system.

Najib’s lawyer wants trial put off ‘until things cool down’

The ex-prime minister's counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah says Najib Razak is entitled to a fair trial in court and not trial by media.

Judges have no business gagging media, public, say lawyers

Among others, they say the judges' jurisdiction is limited to parties involved in a court case, and not others such as the media.

Govt will know on Oct 24 if successful in striking out...

Anwar’s lawyers argue in High Court that Shafee Abdullah was not a fair prosecutor in Anwar's sodomy case because Shafee allegedly received RM9.5 million from Najib Razak.

Court: Out-of-court testimony is legal to prove human trafficking

However, the accused will not be prejudiced as the prosecution will have to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt and the court will scrutinise the documents, says Justice Ghazali Cha

Putrajaya seeks to strike out Anwar’s suit to quash sodomy conviction

Anwar claims he was denied a fair trial after prosecutor Shafee was allegedly paid RM9.5 million by PM.

Govt, Shafee ordered to respond to Anwar’s RM9.5 million bank transfer...

Najib Razak, who is party to Anwar Ibrahim's application to disclose bank account details, was not represented by a lawyer during case management today.

Khairuddin, Chang will enjoy fair trial in Sessions Court, say lawyers

They will be on bail and normal criminal procedures will be adopted during trial for allegedly sabotaging the nation’s banking and financial services.

Accused challenges legality of human trafficking law

Housewife says provision that allows prosecution to tender unverified evidence will put her at a disadvantage.

Court must force Putrajaya’s hand over Singapore death row inmate

Lawyer N Surendran hopes both governments will act to save S Prabagaran's life before this case lands before the International Court of Justice.