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Come celebrate grandparents, parents & children’s’ fair at Everyday Mall, USJ

There’s something for everyone at the Grandparents, parents & children's’ fair.

PAS must lead in new grouping, says Terengganu delegate

Pengkalan Berangan assemblyman Sulaiman Sulong tells muktamar new grouping should include Islamic NGOs and other political parties, besides Umno.

‘Rule of law’ still allows AG to reverse decisions, says Sivarasa

The deputy minister says charges brought by the previous AG against many individuals, not just Lim Guan Eng, have also been withdrawn.

Malaysia needs a reboot, not tinkering

Drawing fairly from all PH component parties, Dr Mahathir Mohamad must appoint young MPs as ministers and allow them, instead of retired insiders, to chair the reform panels.

Time to introduce gaming tax in West Malaysia, too

Punters in Sabah are taxed 15% while Sarawakians are taxed 10% – what about those in Peninsular Malaysia?

Bersih tells media: Start new chapter, no more one-sided stories

The NGO says the media must give equal coverage to all political parties, not just the ruling government, unlike the practice under Barisan Nasional.

Penang exco line-up unfair, biased to DAP, says PKR rep

Norlela Ariffin says DAP won 19 seats while the other three PH partners won a total of 18, therefore there should be a fairer distribution of exco posts.

Ex-servicemen applaud cops for GE14 vigilance

The National Patriots Association says police should stop any move to create chaos if the election results are close, and warns civil servants against destroying any official documents.

Vote PAS as it is fair to non-Muslims, says supporters club...

N Balasubramaniam, who is representing PAS in the Bentong parliamentary seat, says PAS leaders are not fanatics and calls on Indians not to believe those who claim otherwise.

Give fair hearing to all quarters, urges Chief Justice

He says according to Socrates, a Greek philosopher, there are four judgment qualities that a judge should have, namely to hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly and to decide impartially.

Allow observers to monitor GE14, lawyers’ group urges EC

Public confidence can only be restored if monitors' assessment reveals election process is free and fair, says Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen.

Khalid unfazed by Puncak Niaga’s RM14 billion suit

Former Selangor MB says he was fair to the stakeholders in Selangor's water restructuring exercise.