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Tag: fake news

Facebook, Apple disagree on how to curb fake news for midterms

Last week, Apple launched a human-curated political news section to help readers steer clear of falsehoods surrounding the midterms.

Malawian president says corruption reports ‘fake news’

Peter Mutharika denied reports accusing him of fraudulently benefitting from a government contract.

Taiwan bars China reporter for spreading of ‘fake news’

It is the first time a mainland Chinese reporter has been banned from the island for "creating cross-strait conflict," according to Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), which handles official affairs with China.

Vincent Tan to sell entire stake in T7 Global following controversy

The billionaire refutes any suggestions of impropriety or cronyism on the part of the government and Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

When a text can trigger a lynching: WhatsApp struggles with incendiary...

The essence of the message, written in Hindi, was that 500 people disguised as beggars were roaming the area so that they could kill people to harvest their organs. Police say the message was fake.

Plane sabotaged? Cops may drop probe against Dr M under anti-fake...

IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun says police have accepted explanation given by prime minister on matter.

It’s fake news, says Nurul Izzah of chatter she is marrying...

The young MP dismisses a piece of news on social media that she is going to marry the king, saying people should concentrate on saving Malaysia’s economy instead.

Fake news law: Court to rule on June 6 on Malaysiakini’s...

The news portal has no legal standing to question Anti-Fake News Act, court told.

Abolish, not amend law on fake news, new govt told

Lawyers for Liberty reminds PH of its election manifesto to abolish the law.

Don’t trust fake news, EC tells voters ahead of election

EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah disputes claims that early voting ballots have been counted, and that ballot papers have been rubbed with wax to make it difficult for voters to mark.

Zahid: Political party newspaper sold openly to face KDN action

The home minister says permit only allows circulation to members but copies are on sale at news vendors and shops.

Najib confident of big BN election victory

BN chairman says he is very enthusiastic after receiving briefings by Umno leaders.

The four-letter word that politicians love

As the GE14 campaign enters the final lap, more and more politicians and others are using this four-letter word.

Police to call up Rafizi in Rantau fake-news probe

MCMC to be asked to trace Facebook account with remarks posted about the actions of the Election Commission and police.

Guan Eng promises more press freedom under PH

In his statement in conjunction with World Press Freedom Day, the DAP secretary-general says a free media is crucial in providing a level playing field for all politicians.

‘Fake news’ probe into Mahathir’s sabotage claim

KL police chief Mazlan Lajim says this is one of eight police reports made regarding the general election.

SAPP acts on malicious statements against party

Party president Yong Teck Lee says the party will no longer underestimate smear tactics used against it, having learned a bitter lesson in the 2013 polls.

Najib: Don’t be duped that GST will go up

Najib describes this claim as a 'big lie' by opposition.

Danish national first to be sentenced under Anti-Fake News Act

Salah Salem Saleh Sulaiman, who pleaded guilty, was jailed and fined RM10,000 by Sessions Court in case related to recent Palestinian’s assassination.

Najib lambasts opposition for spreading fake news on VEP

He says this was a malicious act aimed at instigating hate against the government.

Customs: Tax exemption also given during Mahathir’s administration

Customs director–general T Subromaniam blasts critics for not understanding the reason for GST exemption given to ECRL builder.

Fake news can be used as ‘tool of interference’

The prime minister tells a group of foreign military men that the opposition somehow seems to welcome this.

New law to be used on fake news about TMJ shopping...

False message went viral saying that Tunku Ismail would visit Johor supermarkets, and foot up to RM200 on shoppers' grocery bills.

StopFake.org: Ukrainian site fighting fake news on the front line

Stopfake.org is a website dedicated to combatting the spread of fake news.