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Tag: fake news

Govt revising Communications Act to include new elements

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission says Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 is being revised to incorporate new elements to curb social media abuse.

Police: It was snatch theft, not kidnapping

Sarawak CID chief clarifies viral Facebook post about a supposed child snatching, and warns social media users against sharing fake news.

‘You are fake news!’ Trump presides over turbulent news conference

Trump says this to CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, calling his organization terrible and declining to take a question from him despite Acosta's several attempts to shout one.

Sabah editor: ‘Fake’ news may impact coming GE14

Daily Express chief editor James Sarda hopes that 'fake' news will compel readers to turn away from social media and return to the print media.

DAP: More fake news expected ahead of GE14

Pakatan Harapan MPs address issue of fake news spread via social media to hurt them, similar to how recent US presidential election was said to have been influenced.

Ean Yong: Fake news report the work of political enemies

DAP assemblyman denies knowing the couple who harassed a Shah Alam enforcement officer and says fake news report saying he did is meant to tarnish Opposition's image.

Fake news on Dr Mahathir’s death goes viral

Site fools many on social media with 'news article' stating former prime minister had died on Sunday, as Dr M is reported giving speech at forum on same night.

Two women held for ‘fake news’ of men killed for their...

CID chief said the two Kuching women, aged 18 and 27, have been detained after they surrendered in Bau.

Fake news about ‘woman swallowed by python’ goes viral

Fire & Rescue director says no emergency call was received, 'reports' circulated online are not true.