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Tag: false imprisonment

US ‘House of Horrors’ parents jailed for torture, abuse

The case came to light last year when one of the children escaped through a window from the couple's home and called emergency services.

‘Apex court ruling shows magistrates must guard against police abuse’

Lawyer M Visvanathan says judicial officers cannot function mechanically in approving remand orders for suspects in criminal investigations.

Apex court to magistrates: Be judicious in granting remand orders

The court cannot dictate how police carry out their investigations but, at the same time, it cannot be oblivious to the many horror stories and allegations of police abuse, says the Federal Court.

Anwar’s ex-speech writer makes new bid to clear name

Lawyer Manjeet Singh Dhillon says Munawar Ahmad Anees will ask for damages for 'lost life' or a fresh trial to set aside his false conviction for sodomy.

Federal Court: Judges must act when rights of detainees are breached

A five-man bench, in dismissing the government's appeal for false imprisonment, says it is the duty of judges to uphold the Federal Constitution.