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Tag: family planning

Future budgets should address family planning

There is a clear link between family planning, women empowerment, and human capital development.

Family planning the answer to alleviating poverty

When families are smaller, there are fewer dependents to care for and women are better able to contribute to the workforce.

China does away with family planning offices

State-media has hinted in recent weeks that China, the world's most populous nation, may be preparing to end its decades-long policy of determining the number of children that couples can have.

China paves way to end family planning policy

Speculation that China may further ease its two-child policy was sparked when China Post unveiled the design of a stamp that features a family of two pigs and three cheerful piglets.

Billions to make from China couples but Malaysia still viewed as...

After China lifts one-child policy, huge market opens for Malaysia's fertility industry to tap into. Problem is, many ordinary Chinese still think Malaysia is not technologically advanced.

Melinda Gates battles to promote contraception in Burkina Faso

Melinda Gates is in Burkina Faso to encourage the use of contraceptives, as the country is struggling with an excessive fertility rate.

New male contraceptive faces hurdle from big drug makers

The challenge for biomedical engineer who invented product is to sell it since male contraception is an area Big Pharma has shown little interest in.

How to appreciate blessings from God

There are those who don't use common sense in family planning.

Nothing wrong with family planning, expert tells Muslims

A gynaecologist says population growth should not be based merely on demographics.

Islam benarkan ‘family planning’, kata isteri Bill Gates

Melinda berkata ia sesuatu yang mendatangkan kebaikan kepada rakyat Afrika yang dibelenggu kemiskinan di samping masalah kesihatan.

Doctors call for advisory panel on Zika abortions

Religious and medical experts should be included on ministerial-level bio-ethics board.

Family planning not for Muslims, says Turkey’s Erdogan

Erdogan said it was the responsibility of mothers to ensure the continued growth of Turkey's population, which has expanded at a rate of around 1.3 percent in the last few years.

M’sia needs bigger families to counter shrinking population

Deputy Minister says having more kids will also ensure a better quality of life as Malaysians lived longer now and needed family members to help care for them when they grew old.