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Stories for Amah: Because family will always be family

Mark Beau de Silva’s 'Stories for Amah' makes its return to the stage with a nearly entirely new cast and a reinvigorated energy.

Mum of MH17 co-pilot hopeful that justice will be served

Noriah Daud says she is happy to finally know the identities of the men who shot down MH17.

Couple, daughter held for alleged child abuse

Injuries found at almost every part of two children's bodies, say police.

Buttigieg impact felt in US beyond his White House dream

The Buttigiegs are the most visible same-sex couple of the moment, as Pete, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, seeks the Democratic presidential nomination.

Tom Brady OK with pay, wife as breadwinner

Brady is fine with his wages, even though he is earns less than his supermodel wife.

Canadian family loses 3 generations in Ethiopian plane crash

They were on their way to a Kenya vacation when the plane crashed minutes after takeoff from Addis Ababa, killing passengers and crew from more than 30 countries.

Peugeot 5008 MPV: 8 reasons to test drive it now

Take a test drive yourself, bring your family, load them into all six-passenger seats if possible, and then drive it and experience its value for yourself.

‘Emi is out there’, family and friends hope for Sala miracle...

In Emiliano Sala's hometown, Progresso, many still have hope for the Cardiff striker who went missing last Monday.

Parents’ stress at work may affect the well-being of their children

The study suggests that parents who have a sense of control over their professional lives are less exposed to work stress and the children in their homes are less likely to be sick.

Four family members of Strasbourg gunman released

Three more people close to the attacker Cherif Chekatt, who was shot dead by police on Thursday, were still being held.

Opor Ayam: A family recipe for the curious and hungry

Opor is a dish from Indonesia, in particular Central Java that is cooked and braised in coconut milk and popular during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Debts drove 3 in family to commit suicide, claims son

Cops remand son who says he changed his mind about suicide pact to jump into Sungai Arau after consuming poison.

A simple guide to DIY will writing

You can write your own legally-binding will without professional help but is it worth the risk? Not in all circumstances.

Why are hotspots HOT?

Amenities play a big role, as does connectivity to major expressways and offices, and the developers' plans for the future.

China does away with family planning offices

State-media has hinted in recent weeks that China, the world's most populous nation, may be preparing to end its decades-long policy of determining the number of children that couples can have.

Navy cadet’s post-mortem report already handed to his family

Perak Health Department says lawyers were not allowed to be present at meeting with doctors as it was part of hospital SOP.

Nov 12 hearing for government’s appeal against Altantuya suit

The government is appealing against a Court of Appeal decision to reinstate it as a defendant in the RM100 million suit filed by Altantuya Shaariibuu's family.

Understanding the reluctant senior who resists your care

Instead of scolding them, be patient and understand that seniors who require care have valid reasons to reject it initially.

Asian families travel more than Westerners and take their grandparents with...

While families from the West average about two family vacations a year, Asian travellers reported taking about five short one-to-three-night trips throughout the year.

7 reasons the Honda Odyssey’s perfect for a family of 7

Besides the Premium Cradle Captain Seats with ottomans, and spacious boot, the Odyssey is the best looking MPV of its class.

Korean families separated by war to have rare reunion

Millions of people were swept apart by the 1950-53 Korean War, which divided brothers and sisters, parents and children and husbands and wives and perpetuated the division of the Korean peninsula.

US man charged with killing pregnant wife and two toddlers

A TV station, Denver 7, said Watts has confessed to the bizarre killings. There was no immediate word on a possible motive.

Never said goodbye: seven decades of separation in Korea

Millions of Koreans were separated from their relatives by the 1950-53 conflict, which left the peninsula divided and all civilian communication banned between the two sides.

Alexander Zverev faces brother Mischa in their first ATP match

Alexander and Mischa Zverev will play against each other for the first time in their professional tennis careers.