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Colombian dissident Farc rebel leader killed in military operation

Defence Minister Guillermo Botero said that Cadete had been bringing together dissidents to form a new group.

Colombia guerillas release kidnapped minor

The government believes the ELN is holding around 10 hostages.

Watchdog adjusts Colombian conflict death toll to 260,000

The watchdog body said right-wing paramilitaries were the principal culprits, blaming them for 94,754 deaths compared to 36,683 by left-wing rebels and 9,804 by government forces.

11 FARC dissidents killed in Colombian military operation

The operation in La Montañita in the southern department of Caquetá left 11 dead and two wounded.

Anti-FARC conservative wins in Colombia, faces leftist in runoff

Iván Duque won 39.7% of the votes and will face Gustavo Petro in a runoff.

Fragile peace deal on agenda as Colombia prepares for polls

Colombia's election will be held amidst a precarious security situation.

Colombia’s De la Calle seeks to protect peace deal if wins...

Humberto De la Calle of the Liberal Party has stated that he will do all he can to preserve the peace in Colombia if he becomes the next president.

Nephew of Colombia ex-rebel to collaborate with US in drug case

Marlon Marín will testify to US authorities about a plot to sell 10 tonnes of cocaine to Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel.

Ecuador says 2 more kidnapped on Colombia border

The latest kidnappings has been claimed in a video sent by the same dissident FARC rebels who claimed responsibility for the killing of the Ecuadoran news team.

Kidnapped Ecuador journalist team confirmed dead

The killings are thought to be the first such abduction of journalists on Ecuadoran soil in three decades.

Ecuador gives Colombian insurgents 12 hours to prove captives alive

Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno on Thursday gave a Colombian insurgent group 12 hours to prove that two journalists and their driver, kidnapped last month on their common border, are alive or their security forces would take joint action against them.

Colombia’s FARC furious over ex-rebel’s arrest on drugs charges

Santrich's arrest has been swiftly denounced by the FARC, with a spokesman warning it could deal a damaging blow to the 2016 peace deal.

Colombia arrests ex-FARC negotiator, says could be extradited to US

The suspect had been arrested on Monday in Colombia on drug trafficking charges.

Colombian kidnappers demand prisoner exchange for Ecuadorian journalists

Javier Ortega, Paul Rivas, and Efrain Segarra were kidnapped by FARC rebels.

Colombia FARC rebel dissidents number 1,200, military says

Despite a peace deal with the Colombian government having been reached, the FARC dissidents did not demobilise, but joined other anti-government factions instead.

Blast kills 3 Ecuadoran troops near Colombia border

A roadside bomb has exploded as a patrol carrying out "surveillance and control" operations on the border passed by.

Colombians vote in elections seen as test for peace deal

The election is set to be the calmest in half a century of conflict in Colombia, with the former rebel movement FARC spurning jungle warfare for politics, and the ELN observing a ceasefire.

Violence in Colombia has displaced more than 800 people, UN says

The majority of the violence has occurred in Antioquia Department.

Colombia war tribunals hope to heal wounds, punish atrocities

A number of war tribunals and truth commissions, to investigate atrocities including massacres and disappearances, are expected to begin in September.

Colombia rebels suspected in deadly police blasts

The ELN has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Colombia’s FARC says two ex-fighters killed after campaigning

Wilmar Asprilla and Ángel de Jesús Montoya were killed after campaigning for a particular political candidate.