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Farmer duped of RM290,000 by ‘Bukit Aman cop’ in phone scam

The woman, aged 54, was told she had been involved in a drug-smuggling syndicate.

India’s state to waive up to US$5.3 billion in farm debts

Farmers' protests have been rising in past months due to the fall in crop prices and a rise in the cost of diesel and fertiliser.

China’s small farmers pose huge challenge in swine fever battle

Reaching and educating China's millions of backyard farmers in remote regions may be an impossible task.

Hungarian pig farmers brace for hard times after swine fever outbreak

Pigs across Hungary have been heavily affected by African swine fever.

Long-haul fight: Japan farmer battles Narita airport

Takao Shitō's farm is surrounded by Narita International Airport, and this inconvenient location has caused many problems for him.

Afghan mum cradling baby during university exam goes viral

Afghan farmer Jahantab Ahmadi sits on the ground, her baby resting in her lap, as she focuses on the university entrance exam she hopes will help her fulfil her dreams.

South Africa demands Australian minister retract white farmer comments

Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton claimed that white farmers in South Africa deserved special protection through special visas.

25 killed in racial violence in central Mali, community leader says

The violence between nomads of Fulani descent and farmers of Dogon descent was sparked by Fulanis grazing their cattle in Dogon-majority areas.

In the US, small organic milk producers face turmoil

Organic milk production has become far less lucrative in the US.

Soybeans could dethrone corn as US crop king after 35 years

Drought, price sees more farmers favouring soybean over corn

Zimbabwe to give white farmers 99-year leases

The leases would give them the same rights to agricultural land as black farmers.

Farmer’s arrest: MCA leaders should apologise too, says Kit Siang

DAP parliamentary leader says MCA division leader David Choi did the right thing in apologising to the farmer, even though he was subsequently stripped of his party position.

2nd arms find may be from Lahad Datu intrusion

A farmer reportedly cleaned the weapons with oil, wrapped them and hid them in some bushes instead of alerting police.