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Part 2: Intermittent Fasting – healthy reasons to try it

Here's your chance to liberate yourself from food dependency and give your health a great boost too.

We should not be ashamed of Allah’s mercy

People dependent on medication and the pregnant struggle through the month of Ramadan.

What’s behind the Islamic tradition of breaking fast with dates?

Eating dates after a day of fasting helps the body’s blood glucose levels quickly return to normal.

More people would trust us if we do what is right,...

The prime minister says Malaysia would be more recognised on the global stage if its people controlled their negative desires.

Ramadan in New Malaysia

The coming fasting month is the best time to instil love among Malaysians of all faiths.

PJ church hosts interfaith buka puasa event

About 150 people attended the event, eating together in a hall located behind the church.

‘We’re closed for one month’: Ramadan peculiarities

Islam does not forbid Muslims from operating their food businesses during Ramadan, nor should Muslims forget the real point of fasting.

Saudi Arabia announces Thursday start for Ramadan

Many Muslim-majority countries follow the dates set by Saudi religious authorities.

Disabled man to fast, walk across country in bid to free...

PKR member Isaiah D Jacob says 51-day fast, nationwide tour part of petition drive to rally support from Malaysians who want a royal pardon for Anwar Ibrahim.

For the Rohingya, Raya in Malaysia is a true blessing

Over 500 Rohingya families will celebrate Raya in Malaysia, thousands of miles away from the conflict back home.

Kit Siang: Malaysia can become beacon of moderation again

DAP supremo calls on Malaysians regardless of faith to take Ramadan as an opportunity to improve themselves.

‘Fasting is apparent in all religions’

Speakers at interfaith dialogue talk about the importance of fasting and what it encourages.

Rights group slams ‘absurd’ Ramadan penalty in Tunisia

Prosecuting people on a charge of "public indecency" for smoking or eating in public during Ramadan "is a clear violation of individual freedoms in Tunisia", Amnesty said in a statement Tuesday.

Tunisians protest for right not to fast during Ramadan

Following a call by the "Mouch Bessif" (Arabic for "Not against our will") group, protesters in central Tunis shouted that "Individual freedom is guaranteed by the constitution!"

Religious dept ought to be more discerning in its duties

Let those who sin answer for themselves when they meet God. The majority of Muslims are law abiding and deserve to be treated with respect.

‘A few bad apples won’t spoil the whole basket’

A Christian who fasts in Ramadan hopes Malaysians will not judge Muslims by the acts of a small group in Penang.

Respect traffic rules near Ramadan bazaars

The holy month of Ramadan is a time for everyone to be more patient, disciplined and respectful towards each other.

Public eating ‘experiment’ provocative, says Islamic group

Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa calls protest action by Muslim woman against moral and religious policing, unnecessary and unethical.

Not wrong to eat in public during Ramadan, says Wan Ji

Preacher says the issue of sensitivity and sentiment "is a Malay issue" and Muslims who always demand respect, without themselves showing respect for others, must change their attitude.

Harassed for being seen eating during Ramadan

Social media user Mrym Lee tells of verbal abuse and public persecution while trying to make a protest against moral and religious policing.

Christian woman fasts during Ramadan

Ledionnie Ajis says it began in 2014 when she got close to a group of Muslim friends.

Hindraf: Mufti interfering in non-Muslims’ personal life

Waythamoorthy claims Mohd Shukri's remarks to be an example of creeping Islamisation

Kelantan’s Ramadan etiquette for non-Muslims

Mufti urges others to 'be considerate' and dress appropriately to prevent Muslims from forfeiting their fast.

What is Ramadan?

Fasting is an annual experience for Muslims, but how much do non-Muslims know about the hows and whys of the practice.