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Most prolific US serial killer has murdered at least 50

Samuel Little confessed to 93 homicides.

Muhyiddin lawat AS hingga 21 Sept perkukuh hubungan keselamatan

Muhyiddin tiba di Washington Ahad untuk lawatan kerja sehingga Rabu sebelum terbang ke New York untuk mesyuarat sama dengan pegawai di sana.

AS setuju dedah nama pegawai Arab Saudi terlibat serangan 9/11

Peguam sanak saudara mangsa serangan 11 Sept meminta kerajaan mendedahkan nama individu yang muncul dalam dokumen siasatan FBI pada 2012 berhubung tragedi itu.

FBI tumpas penipuan siber, tahan 300 individu termasuk di Malaysia

Penahanan dibuat di Nigeria, Amerika Syarikat, Turki, Ghana, Perancis, Itali, Jepun, Malaysia, Britain dan Kenya dalam 'Operation reWired'.

FBI seeks video, pictures as it investigates California dive boat fire

The request comes as divers returned to the charred wreckage of the 23m Conception to begin raising it from the ocean floor, a crucial next step in the investigation.

FBI-led crackdown on cyber scams nets 300 people including in Malaysia

‘Operation reWired’ broke up multiple groups running the so-called business email compromise (BEC) schemes by which they steal money being used in payments.

DOJ declines to prosecute Comey despite finding that he leaked memo

James Comey shared a handwritten memo with a friend which described a private conversation between the former FBI director and US President Donald Trump.

FBI seeks to question alleged Al Qaeda operative in Brazil

The FBI says Mohamed Ahmed Elsayed Ahmed Ibrahim has been providing material support for Al Qaeda since 2013.

FBI serbu pulau persendirian jutawan Jeffrey Epstein di Caribbean

NBC News melaporkan ejen FBI menggeledah rumah mewah jutawan itu di Little St James di Kepulauan Virgin AS pada pagi Isnin.

FBI raid Epstein’s private Caribbean island

The raids come as US Attorney-General William Barr said there are 'serious irregularities' at the prison where Jeffrey Epstein died.

FBI investigating Epstein’s death amid outcry

Politicians, law enforcement officials and alleged victims express their shock towards Epstein's suicide despite a previous attempt that had prompted calls to put him under close watch.

RM236 juta daripada firma Hollywood Riza Aziz telah dipulangkan, kata peguam...

Wang tersebut diperolehi Jabatan Kehakiman (DoJ) AS berikutkan penyelesaian bernilai AS$60 juta yang direkodkan di sebuah mahkamah AS.

FBI received vague tips ahead of deadly California synagogue shooting

The FBI received tips about an online post referring to a potential attack, but without specific details.

FBI director lashes out at China over economic espionage

FBI director Christopher Wray says China poses a 'multi-layered' threat to American interests.

FBI assisting Sri Lanka authorities with bomb attacks probe

The FBI offered expertise to test evidence.

FBI arrests armed group member stopping migrants at southern US border

Larry Hopkins had represented himself as the commander of the United Constitutional Patriots, a group who voluntarily detains asylum seekers from Central America.

FBI issue security threat for schools in Denver

The FBI consider Sol Pais as a credible threat to the community.

US House OKs move to give Congress records of FBI probes...

Lawmakers are looking specifically at obstruction of justice and counterintelligence probes that former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe launched.

FBI finds no single motive for Las Vegas mass shooting that...

The 64-year-old gunman is no different from many other mass shooters driven by a complex mix of issues, ranging from mental health to stress, who wished to die by suicide.

Penutupan kerajaan AS lemahkan agensi penyiasatan, kata persatuan ejen FBI

Jabatan Kehakiman, yang mengawasi FBI, adalah antara 9 jabatan peringkat Kabinet AS yang terjejas dan kini masuk hari ke-33 tanpa kemungkinan penyelesaian.

Trump lashes out at FBI after NYT report on Russian probe

Trump says that the agency had opened a probe “for no reason and with no proof."

FBI opened probe into whether Trump working for Russians

The New York Times says FBI had been suspicious of Trump's ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Ex-Trump adviser Flynn to be sentenced for lying to FBI

The former national security adviser told investigators that he had not discussed US sanctions against Russia with Kislyak, when in fact he had, according to his plea agreement.

Ex-FBI chief Comey: Trump undermines rule of law with ‘lies’

The former FBI director was fired by US president Donald Trump while he was leading an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election.