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Tag: FDI

Economy will grow sustainably in second half of year, says Guan...

This follows the better-than-expected export growth in July and a 97.2% growth in approved foreign investment in the first half of this year

FDI or assets sale? MPs spar over Mitsui’s purchase of IHH...

Putrajaya asked to clarify if the Japanese company's RM8.4 billion purchase from Khazanah Nasional was part of the 'foreign direct investments' received by Malaysia in the first quarter.

Penang records huge jump in investments to RM8.85 bil in first...

However, state government is concerned over effects of China-US trade in second and third quarters.

Mitsui share purchase shows investors’ confidence in Malaysia, says Tony Pua

FInance minister's aide defends ministry interpretation of 'foreign direct investment'

Bawah kamu, Petronas juga jual saham kepada syarikat asing, Tony jawab...

Tony Pua berkata Najib Razak meraikan penjualan saham Petronas dalam projek RAPID Pengerang itu sebagai aliran masuk FDI paling besar dalam sejarah negara.

Asset sales not FDI – Najib scoffs at Guan Eng’s claim

Former prime minister ridicules finance minister's claim of having achieved the highest realised FDI in Malaysia’s history.

Good news on 3 fronts as Malaysia celebrates Wesak, says Guan...

The finance minister says the economy, realised foreign direct investments and tourist arrivals were all on an upward trend in the first quarter of this year.

Macedonians vote in election dominated by splits over name change

The polls did not go well as Macedonians were disappointed with the lack of foreign direct investments and a high unemployment rate.

Govt not favouring capitalists at workers’ expense, says deputy minister

Ong Kian Ming says the government is committed to looking after the welfare of the people, including raising the minimum wage.

After drastic drop in FDI, Penang sets up special panel to...

Attributing the 86% drop in FDI last year to the cyclical nature of the electrical and electronics industry, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow says a new investment council has been tasked with attracting investments.

MOF: Malaysia lulus FDI RM80.5 bilion pada 2018

RM26.5 bilion FDI diluluskan pada separuh pertama 2018, dan bakinya RM54 bilion pada separuh kedua.

Malaysia records 48% jump in FDI for 2018

Foreign investors intend to pump in RM80.5 billion across all sectors.

Japanese investors ready to return after action over 1MDB scandal, says...

The finance minister says PH's action against those accused of corruption has restored the faith of foreign investors, including the Japanese, in the Malaysian economy.

Malaysia drew RM139 bil in investments in first 9 months

The 3,243 projects are expected to generate 93,000 jobs.

Government clarifies claim on FDI jump since PH takeover

It comes after Najib Razak questions claims of a huge spike since the May elections.

Najib dakwa angka rasmi pelaburan asing bukan seperti diumum Guan Eng

Bekas perdana menteri berkata angka rasmi pelaburan langsung asing daripada Bank Negara dan Jabatan Statistik menunjukkan penurunan, bukannya kenaikan.

Malaysia’s FDI increases in Q3

Top three FDI countries are Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

Thanks to trade war, Southeast Asia has an investment boom

Southeast Asia is seeing a boom in foreign direct investment as the intensifying trade war between the US and China prompts companies to shift production to the region.

UNCTAD: FDI menurun 40%, terutama di negara maju

Pengarah Bahagian Pelaburan dan Perusahaan UNCTAD, James Zhan berkata, gambaran keadaan kewangan dunia adalah 'suram'.

Free flow of foreign investments bad for natives, says Sabah activist

Andrew Atama Ambrose wants the government to study the impact of foreign investments, particularly Chinese investments, on the life of indigenous people in Sabah.

Anwar: Don’t neglect poor and marginalised

Incoming PKR president stresses on need for affirmative action to be vigorously promoted based on needs.

70 juta peniaga di India dijangka mogok bantah Walmart-Flipkart

Semua pasaran komersial di seluruh negara akan kekal ditutup dan tiada aktiviti komersial.

Tiada lagi perbandaran khusus untuk warga asing, kata Putrajaya

Kerajaan berkata ia tidak lagi membenarkan pembinaan bandar khusus untuk warga asing.

No replacement for Chinese investors if they pull out, warns economist

Putrajaya is urged to be clear about its policy on foreign direct investments.