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Tag: Federal Constitution

Social contract talk a non-starter, says political scientist

Chandra Muzaffar says such a document doesn't even exist.

Unfair to blame non-Malays every time there’s a problem, says Leiking

Penampang MP says such attacks will only lead to a divided and polarised Malaysia.

No federal law can take away basic rights of citizens, court...

Provisions in the Criminal Procedure Code against the constitution, lawyer says in appeal by ex-intel boss.

Amendments won’t fix issue of unilateral conversion, says don

Constitutional law expert Faridah Jalil of UKM recommends mediation and negotiations.

Removal of royal assent made king a rubber stamp, lawyer tells...

Gopal Sri Ram says the NSC Act is inconsistent with the constitution as it became law pursuant to an unconstitutional amendment.

Automatic voter registration needs constitutional amendment, says EC

Existing laws require citizens to apply to be registered as voters if they wish to vote.

Amend constitution to curb unilateral appointments, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram says there is currently nothing in the constitution requiring the prime minister to consult others before submitting the name of the MACC chief to the king for approval.

IPCMC won’t curb IGP’s powers, says Bar Council man

In rebuttal to retired officers, M Ramachelvam says the current system of police discipline has failed the public.

DAP backs Dr M in resolving dispute with Johor royal family

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng says the party adheres to principles under the Federal Constitution.

Brief security forces and elite on Rome Statute, says expert

Shad Saleem Faruqi says there is no harm in consulting the Rulers, but there is no constitutional basis that they should be consulted.

Sabah passes motion to endorse amending Federal Constitution

The urgent motion was to record the state’s support for the constitutional amendment bill which was shot down in the Dewan Rakyat recently.

Azalina spewing nonsense on constitutional amendment bill, says law expert

Abdul Aziz Bari scoffs at the idea of forming a select committee to study a parliamentary bill before it is tabled.

Anwar blames Umno, BN MPs for defeat of constitutional amendment bill

The PKR president says the Umno and BN MPs abstained from voting although the bill was 'very clear'.

No East and West Malaysia, only one entity, says Dr M...

The prime minister says 'all successes and revenue' will be equally distributed.

Let amendment bill reflect original wording, says law society

The Sabah Law Society says the bill to amend Article 1(2) of the Federal Constitution must reflect what was agreed on in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

Sabah DAP pleads with opposition to back amendment bill

Kitingan and Kurup should not just cosy up to Mahathir but should help their fellow Sabahan minister, says Chan.

Constitutional clause to be amended to compel govt buildings to obtain...

Approximately 140 government buildings nationwide, 39 of which are in Putrajaya, had not obtained the FC.

Minister: Amending constitution to shed ‘state’ status for Sabah, S’wak first...

De facto law minister Liew Vui Keong confirms bill to amend Article 1(2) to restore Sabah and Sarawak’s equal partner status will be tabled latest next week.

No need to discuss Rome Statute in Parliament, says law expert

Abdul Aziz Bari says those who are unhappy with the government's move to ratify the international treaty without discussing it in the Dewan Rakyat can take the matter to court.

Sabah also mulls dropping ‘state’ from official use

Chief Minister Shafie Apdal says this can be done once the Federal Constitution is amended.

No need to amend Constitution for equal Sabah, Sarawak rights, says...

Pandikar Amin Mulia says the understanding from independence is that the two states are of equal status with those in the peninsula.

Federal Court to decide if NSC Act is unconstitutional

High Court judge Nordin Hassan sends the case to the apex court after approving two legal questions.

Amendment won’t make Borneo states equal to Malaya, says Jeffrey

The Sabah opposition leader says there must also be a constitutional change to clarify that 'the federation' refers to Malaysia, not Malaya.

Lawyer Aziz wrong on both counts, says human rights society

Hakam says it does not require the consent of the Conference of Rulers to abolish the Sedition Act and that calls for its abolition are not seditious.