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2 powerful central bankers to skip Jackson Hole

Mario Draghi and Haruhiko Kurodar will not be attending  the Federal Reserve’s annual conference which takes place against a backdrop of volatile financial markets and rising fears of recession.

Asian markets drop as traders await Powell speech

With few fresh catalysts, dealers and investors have taken a step back after recent gains.

Trump ‘not thrilled’ with strong US dollar, says it hurts manufacturing

The latest outburst comes amid the escalating trade war with China while appearing to edge closer towards a currency war.

It’s not just the Fed and Trump that trouble the stock...

S&P 500 companies that have missed earnings estimates are seeing their stock value fall, indicating investors are still paying attention to fundamentals.

Asian markets tumble after disappointing US earnings

Strong American economic data, including Thursday's report showing an increase in durable goods sales in June, has investors fearing a less dovish Federal Reserve announcement.

Ringgit slightly lower at opening

Apart from the expected US rate cuts, tensions in the Middle East also contribute to the high and low of the ringgit.

Iran tanker seizure lifts oil prices, dents US stocks

Wall Street stocks fell decisively after Iran's Revolutionary Guards announced they had confiscated a British tanker in the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

Ringgit marginally higher against US dollar

At 9.06am, the ringgit stood at 4.1100/1140 against the US dollar from yesterday’s close at 4.1125/1165.

Powell does not veer from signal that rate cuts are coming

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell indicates again that an interest rate cut from the US central bank is likely at its next meeting.

Powell testimony, Fed meeting highlight case for ‘insurance’

A confidence shock driven partly by the US trade war is at the centre of a heated argument for Federal Reserve policymakers seriously considering cutting rates for the first time in a decade.

Trump pokes Fed on rates as policy meet opens

Fed chief Jerome Powell is trying on balance economic necessity and President Donald Trump's insistent demands that the lending rate be lowered.

Democrats call for Deutsche Bank probe over Trump transactions

Deutsche Bank is one of the few lenders to keep US President Donald Trump afloat after his repeated bankruptcies in the 1990s.

White House is said to ask economist Paul Winfree about Fed...

Winfree, who was deputy director of President Donald Trump’s domestic policy council until January 2018, has expressed interest in the job.

World economy: Signs showing it’s growing much slower

Good times aren't coming anytime soon but whether we're truly in bad times now is not yet certain.

Huge stock-bond volatility disconnect may not mean VIX explosion

The Merrill Option Volatility Estimate Index, a gauge of swings in Treasury prices, has risen 38% in the past seven sessions.

With Fed pause, list of potential Asia rate cutters grows

The Philippines, India and Indonesia also have room to reverse some of last year's multiple interest rate hikes aimed at protecting the peso, rupee and rupiah from emerging market turmoil.

Opec and the Fed are in the same uncertain boat

At the current juncture, this means deciding whether to continue restraints on output set at the start of 2017 – their current deal to cap supply ends in three months.

Trump escalates fued with Fed by picking ally Moore for board

President Donald Trump on Friday said he’s nominating former campaign adviser Stephen Moore to be a governor of the Federal Reserve.

Trump says nominating fierce Fed critic to Fed board

President Donald Trump welcomes economist Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve Board, who previously called on Trump to fire Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

Traders blindsided again by Treasuries paying same as cash

The Fed’s darkening outlook about the US economy is compounding worries over global growth, and few see inflation running hot enough to eat significantly into returns.

Bonds gain, stocks wobble as Fed spurs caution

The yield on 10-year Treasuries extended Wednesday’s drop, rates slumped across Europe and gold climbed as a cautious mood prevailed in the wake of this week’s Federal Reserve meeting.

US Fed’s longer pause opens door for Asian central banks to...

It is a stark contrast from as recently as 4 months ago when the prospect of further Fed hikes was pummelling the region’s currencies and pressuring current account deficits.

Europe opens lower with all eyes on Fed’s upcoming decision

Brexit remains in focus with 9 days left until the UK is due to exit the EU and uncertainty over how long it could be delayed.

US Fed due to meet, no rate hike expected

Fed policymakers are likely once again to lower the number of rate hikes they expect this year.