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Fed trades ‘remarkably positive’ for ‘no precedents’ after volatile year

The discussion this week will centre around how badly the positive outlook of last year has eroded.

Power struggle with federal DAP leaders led to rape report in...

The political rivalry, which started in 2008, continues till today with both sides trying to place their men as exco and division chiefs.

Don’t meddle in Johor Islamic affairs, warns TMJ

He also reminds politicians speaking in mosques or suraus not to lace their talks with politics.

Bringing progress to Kelantan, T’ganu: Hadi says PAS’ hands tied

PAS leader says federal approval is needed for many matters such as setting up a bank, bringing in investors or implementing shariah laws.

Gabungan Bersatu Sabah: Final nail in the coffin for state Umno?

Analysts say Gabungan Bersatu Sabah, a new political bloc comprising opposition parties, may lead to the dissolution of Umno in the state.

Umno is still strong, DAP warns PH

Penang CM Chow Kon Yeow says the Malay party has emerged as the strongest in the opposition.

Special MA63 committee to come up with report in 6 months

De facto law minister Liew Vui Keong says committee will also include opposition leaders.

Penang may seek federal funding if reclamation project not approved

The chief minister says state still waiting for federal approval for projects linked to PTPM, its transport master plan.

Jagdeep: Penang deserves more federal housing

The executive councillor says this is because the state is the top income tax contributor in the country.

Chow: Penang awaiting federal decision on mega projects

Penang CM Chow Kon Yeow says all the project proposals have been submitted to the federal agencies concerned for approval.

Voters doubt PH’s ability to govern without GST

With Pakatan Harapan's promise to abolish GST, voters in Johor are sceptical of opposition being able to pay the nation's debts.

Can High Courts rule on competency of legislatures to pass laws?

Anwar Ibrahim's challenge of legality of the National Security Council Act, as no royal assent was obtained, will give opportunity to Federal Court to answer this question.

Europol names Belgian as first female head

Belgium's Catherine De Bolle pledged to invest more in Europol's capacity to analyse security threats when she was named Thursday as the first woman to head the EU police agency.

Release reserve land to resolve affordable houses issue, govt told

A real estate veteran says houses will cost less if the government were to releases its reserve land at nominal cost, while another real estate expert says a proper definition of affordable housing is needed.

PAS will seek to form federal govt with another party, says...

PAS president says Islamist party will wield influence if it can win at least 40 parliamentary seats to help another party take charge of Putrajaya.

No need for war of words on MA63, says Sabah minister

Special Tasks Minister Teo Chee Kang says nobody can take away the rights enshrined in agreement.

BN reps walk out of Penang assembly after motion amended

They claim amended motion is a mockery of the original, which was intended to control hillside development.

Engage constructively, not antagonistically

Working together is the key to progress, not hurling condemnations or participating in political mud-slinging sessions.

Lawyer: EC’s boundary redrawing subject to judicial scrutiny

Election Commission must be accountable to the courts which are the interpreters of the Federal Constitution, says Derek Fernandez.

‘Amusing that ex-BN reps in Opposition roaring like lions’

Sabah minister says these assemblymen never talked of state rights when they were in the state government but were now aggressively championing them.

Dzulkefly: Be truthful about state of the economy

Calling on the Government to address structural reforms in Budget 2017, Amanah's Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad says it should not merely trot out show-case numbers to show all is well.



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