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Tag: feminism

Lady Gaga leads surge in women to become Oscar voters

Women accounting for half of the Hollywood royalty are admitted to the Oscars-awarding film academy this year, the body says, with Lady Gaga among those to be invited.

Embroidered genitalia turn textiles into feminist art

The perception of embroidery is changing thanks to artists who use it to challenge stigmas surrounding women's bodies.

Women have made some progress, but it’s not enough

Women should not be afraid of making mistakes as these become lessons for betterment, and they should also not put limits to their education.

Millennial women are feminists, except when it comes to money

A study says many millennial women hand over control of their financial affairs to their spouses because they find other responsibilities more urgent.

Captain Marvel, a superhero with girl power to spare

Captain Marvel hits the big screen as she becomes the first female superhero to have her own movie in the Marvel franchise.

El-Moutawakel, torch bearer for Muslim sportswomen

Nawal el-Moutawakel, first Muslim woman to win Olympic gold in 1984, is now an influential member of the International Olympic Committee.

Women cricketers get on Lord’s honours board

Anya Shrubsole's six-wicket hail against India in the World Cup final will now be included in the Lord's honours board

‘I felt powerful’: Afghan trailblazer who confronted Taliban on women

Fawzia Koofi is one of the two Afghan women attending talks with the Taliban and has no plans to cower before them.

What does it mean to be a Muslim woman? New book...

Mariam Khan hopes people will see that Muslim women are not under a 'monolithic, single story narrative', and their voices and stories concerning their faith should be heard.

Rarer than a Sumatran rhino: a woman composer

Camille Pepin composes her tunes in a world completely dominated by male counterparts.

From saviour to mafia-fighter: Girl power comes to Berlin filmfest

Directors have given girl power a firm place at this year's Berlin film festival.

Cute and empowering – Galentine’s Day takes off in US

It was conceived as a defiant response to Valentine's Day – a statement that traditional romantic love is not the only kind worth honouring.

Spanish feminist movement faces far-right backlash

A far-right party won representation in a Spanish regional parliament since dictator Fransico Franco in 1975.

Japan magazine apologises for women’s university ‘sex listing’

The article describes a practice called 'gyaranomi' or drinking parties that male participants pay women to attend.

We’re in a polygamous marriage and it’s wonderful, 4 women tell...

The four working women, who look upon it as a religious obligation, say they have more time to pursue their careers or hobbies.

More women on big screen, but men still tell the stories

Only one film out of the 21 in the running for the Golden Lion top prize is by a woman.

Sweden launches ‘feminist diplomacy’ manual

The manual is derived from four years of work to place gender equality at the heart of the country's international agenda.

Women pilots fly against cockpit prejudices

Role models remain few and far between for women wanting to enter the cockpit, rather than serve the onboard drinks, despite a huge shortage of pilots worldwide.

Ireland to hold referendum on women’s role in the home

Article 41.2 of Ireland's constitution appears to dissuade Irish women from full-time employment.

Teach feminism in schools, says film legend Agnes Varda

Varda has become an icon for the #MeToo and Time's Up movements.

Sundance filmmakers want women to swap casting couch for director’s chair

Many leading figures at the Sundance Film Festival called for more participation by women in the film industry.

Rights groups condemn Saudi women activists’ arrests

The activists had been campaigning for the right to drive.

Feminist war movie captures zeitgeist at Cannes

"Girls of the Sun" is replete with feminist themes.

First female Bishop of London installed

Sarah Mullally was installed as the 133rd Bishop of London at St Paul's Cathedral.