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Tag: feng shui

A great year for Dr M, not so for female politicians,...

Natural disasters have been predicted but property market buoyant in the year ahead.

Feng shui says palm oil will do well in Year of...

Business related to wood, such as palm oil and timber, will thrive in the lunar new year, says feng shui master Kenny Hoo.

Feng shui masters say Trump secrets could be nosed out in...

Fortune-teller Tsai Shang-chi explained that the pig can be a particularly bad year for those born in the year of the dog – which includes America's president.

Chap Goh Meh: Timing is everything, ladies

A feng shui master advises women seeking Mr Right to throw their mandarin oranges between 5.30pm and 8.59pm.

4 mystery skeletons found in clay jars near Batu Gajah

TNB maintenance workers make discovery during routine checks and police have sent bones for tests to see if any crime was committed.

Communist Party paper warns officials against spiritual practices

The People's Daily in China takes to task officials who 'go to monasteries, pray to God and worship Buddha', saying communism is about atheism.

RM20 million jackpot goes to feng shui master

Johor man says he got numbers which came out as second and third prizes in Toto 4D draw after praying at a temple.

Master feng shui Malaysia pamer 52 lukisan di Singapura

Feng Shui penting untuk memastikan mereka yang berada atau tinggal di ruang itu dicurahi kemewahan.

‘Controversial’ Skohns Canteen draws Kit Siang and company for dinner

DAP MPs just can’t resist Skohn's signature lamb stew ‘at below market prices’ despite restaurant’s advertisements poking fun at Lim Guan Eng’s bungalow purchase.

Banglo dijual murah atas dasar persahabatan – Teresa

"Jika saya ada sebuah rumah dan saya menjualnya kepada Zaid Ibrahim atau Mohamad Sabu, saya tidak akan mendapatkan keuntungan daripadanya, yang mana ia perkara sama dilakukan Phang dan ia sengaja diperbesarkan,” kata Teresa.