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Turkey orders arrest of 249 foreign ministry staff

All 249 foreign ministry personnel arrests are in line over their links to a movement led by US-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen blamed for the 2016 coup.

Turkey detains dozens more over alleged coup ties

To date, tens of thousands have been taken into custody by the Turkish government for their role in the 2016 attempted coup.

Turkish court upholds jail sentences on Cumhuriyet staff

The court's decision finalises prison sentences under five years and the rest will now go to a higher court.

Turkey charges US consulate employee with espionage

Metin Topuz, who liaised with the US Drug Enforcement Agency for the American mission, is accused of having links to US-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Laporan: Turki arah tahan 219 anggota tentera berhubung siasatan kes Gulen

Polis menjalankan siri serbuan ke atas kumpulan yang didakwa menyokong pendakwah Fethullah Gulen sejak percubaan merampas kuasa Julai 2016.

Turkey charges arch-foe Gulen and 27 others over Russian envoy’s killing

The Ankara public prosecutor's indictment came nearly two years after Andrei Karlov was shot dead in by off-duty Turkish policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas while inaugurating a photo exhibition in Ankara.

Turki arah tahan 110 tentera disyaki terlibat kumpulan Gulen

Tiga anggota berpangkat kolonel, 2 leftenan kolonel, 6 major dan 3 kapten antara yang diarahkan ditahan dalam operasi dijalankan di ibu negara dan 15 wilayah.

Turkey detains 85 military personnel over Gulen ties

Prosecutors in Ankara issued arrest warrants for 110 active duty personnel in the air force as part of a probe into followers of US-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Turkey to end state of emergency after 2-year purge

The purge has targeted not just alleged supporters of Fethullah Gulen, the US-based preacher blamed for the coup, but also Kurdish activists and leftists.

Turkey marks second coup anniversary

The coup resulted in 248 deaths and left over 2,000 injured.

Kosovo parliament to probe arrests of Turkish citizens

The six Turkish citizens were arrested in Kosovo last week at Turkey’s request over alleged links to schools financed by the Gülen movement.

Turkey orders arrest of cleric Gülen over killing of Russian envoy

Fethullah Gülen and seven others were arrested over the assassination of Andrei Karlov, who was then the Russian ambassador to Turkey.

Turkey detains Amnesty chief after court orders release

Amnesty's Europe director Gauri van Gulik denounces 'odd legal manoeuvres' used to keep Taner Kilic behind bars.

Turkey reinstates over 1,800 civil servants after post-coup purges

The Turkish government found no links between the civil servants and the failed coup of 2016.

Turkish police arrest 15 senior military officers in Gulen probe

Among the suspects, according to a state-run news agency, were 7 colonels and 9 lieutenant colonels from Turkey's gendarmerie force.

Turkey orders detention of 216 people in post-coup probe: Anadolu

Turkey has issued detention warrants for 216 people suspected of being linked to the 2016 coup attempt.

Turkey denies ‘ludicrous’ reports of plan to seize cleric from US

The Turkish embassy in Washington repeated Ankara’s request for the extradition of the cleric, Fethullah Gulen, but said Turkey would not operate outside the law to achieve that goal.

Turkey says US-based cleric and others could lose citizenship

The interior ministry said the list comprised people who are being investigated by the prosecutors and whose whereabouts are not known.

Anda patut malu, warga Turki kecam Khalid

Ramai yang mendakwa 3 lelaki Turki yang ditahan atas dakwaan terbabit kegiatan keganasan oleh kerajaan Reccep Tayyip Erdogan kini berdepan penyeksaan di Turki.

Video rakam detik warga Turki ditahan di Malaysia

Video kabur itu merakamkan perbalahan sahabat kepada Ismet Ozcelik dengan anggota keselamatan yang tiba untuk menahannya.

Lelaki Turki ditahan polis pernah jumpa Najib pada 2011

The Guardian melaporkan Turgay Karaman dalam akaun media sosialnya mempromosikan pelbagai buku seperti masakan Turki dan sufisme, cabang mistik Islam yang dibenci penyokong tegar jihad.

Azerbaijan tutup stesen TV siar temubual Fethullah Gulen

Negara itu ada hubungan rapat dengan Turki, enggan menyokong Fethullah Gulen yang dipertanggungjawabkan sebagai dalang cubaan rampasan kuasa di Turki.

Erdogan foe Gulen dismisses Turkey extradition bid

Erdogan told CNN a formal request for the extradition of the 75-year-old Gulen would be submitted in the coming days.

Fethullah Gulen, the arch-enemy of Turkey’s president

Gulen, 75, was once a close ally of Erdogan but the two fell out in recent years, as Erdogan became suspicious of the so-called Gulenist movement's powerful presence in Turkish society, including the media, police and judiciary.