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Tag: FGM

Why Malaysia doesn’t need female circumcision

There is no evidence, either medical or religious, that female circumcision is necessary for Muslims.

No scientific data, medical evidence to justify female circumcision

Contrary to what is being claimed, female circumcision isn’t required under Islam.

Act now or face 100 more years of child marriage, economists...

Researchers say governments in affected countries need to do more to change the social attitudes that favour FGM and child marriage.

Vape, shisha not included in smoking ban

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says for the time being, the ban only involves tobacco products.

Ministries studying female genital mutilation in Malaysia

Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail says Putrajaya 'should do something about it' if the practice is not beneficial.

With smart crops and cash, women slash female genital mutilation in...

Female genital mutilation (FGM), a practice involving the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, can cause hemorrhage, shock, complications in childbirth, fistula or death.

Menjawab hikayat Faisal Tehrani mengenai khatan wanita

Tiada kain putih, jampi serapah, doa yang meleret-leret, mandian air limau, atau bayi yang berkeadaan pedih dan dibiarkan menangis.

Indian activists hail minister’s call to end female genital mutilation

Debate on the subject has long been taboo, even as a group of Bohra women subjected to FGM as girls called for the government to ban the ritual, called khatna.

Indonesian girl howls through circumcision as debate heats up

Despite the pain it causes and growing opposition inside and outside Indonesia, residents of Gorontalo, mostly poor rice farmers, consider female circumcision an obligation.

Female genital cutting has ‘evolutionary’ drive, says study

By looking at the practice in the context of a new discipline called cultural evolution, Howard and Gibson suggest that cutting confers advantages "that may outweigh its costs to physical and psychological health.

Egypt brings in tougher penalties against FGM

Those convicted of carrying out female circumcision can now be jailed for between five and seven years, from three months and two years under the former law.

Muslim doctors against female circumcision

Although FGM is frowned on in other parts of the Muslim world, Islamic authorities in Malaysia have in the past recommended the practice.

Khatan perempuan tiada dalam Islam, kata pakar

Amalan khatan yang berleluasa di kalangan orang Melayu Islam di negara ini bercanggah dengan pendirian ulama tersohor dunia, termasuk Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

The hidden cut: Female genital mutilation in Asia

Here are some Asian countries affected by FGM.

Egypt approves tougher jail terms for FGM

The new law stipulates jail sentences of between five and seven years for doctors who perform the operation and one to three for parents who order it.

Mesir lulus hukuman lebih berat tangani amalan khatan perempuan

Di Mesir dan Sudan, kedua-dua penganut Islam dan Kristian mengamalkan FGM, tetapi amalan itu sesuatu yang jarang berlaku di dunia Arab.

Egypt seeks tougher penalties for female circumcision

Under the current law, those who practise FGM can be sentenced to jail terms of between three months and two years.