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Russia flies nuclear-capable bombers to region facing Alaska

Nicknamed the White Swan in Russia, the Tupolev TU-160 strategic bomber is a supersonic Soviet-era aircraft capable of carrying up to 12 short-range nuclear missiles and of flying 12,000km non-stop without refuelling.

US may soon pause preparations for delivering F-35s to Turkey

Many US officials worry that Turkey is drifting away from NATO and watch improving relations between Ankara and Moscow with concern.

Two pilots die in Chinese fighter jet crash

China's military, which is undergoing a well-funded modernisation drive, has had other accidents in recent years.

US warns Russia ‘outlaw’ actions in Ukraine jeopardise ties

The confrontation at sea raised fears of a wider military flareup.

Saudi RAF plane crashes during training mission

Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the crash.

US Air Force optimistic on hurricane-hit fighter jets

Hurricane Michael made landfall not far from the base on Wednesday, and went on to claim at least 17 lives across four states, with Florida the worst hit.

Veteran: Improper to reveal that only 4 fighter jets can fly

Patriot president Arshad Raji says the defence minister shouldn't reveal the Royal Malaysian Air Force's level of preparedness.

Britain to unveil model of planned new fighter jet

The aircraft, which will eventually replace the Typhoon fighter jet, will be developed and built by partners BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and Leonardo, the source said.

Fighter pilot dies in Indian jet crash

Sanjay Chauhan was on a routine training mission in the remote Kutch District of the state of Gujarat when he crashed, air force officials said.

Hisham: Palm oil curbs could affect France in fighter jet deal

Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says Malaysia 'cannot put a price tag' on the interests of the country when negotiating bilateral deals.

EU palm oil ban may hit UK’s RM27 bil defence deal...

France, which wants to sell its own Rafale fighter jets, tries to outflank Britain by promising to oppose EU ban.

Good to shelve new fighter jets purchase, says analyst

Defence and strategy analyst Lam Choong Wah says country should focus on more immediate security concerns such as militancy, terrorism, piracy and smuggling activities.