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Tag: fighter jets

US deploys F-22 stealth fighters to Qatar amid Iran tensions

The US deploys F-22 stealth fighters to Qatar for the first time, adding to a buildup of US forces in the Gulf amid tensions with Iran.

Malaysia to buy used Kuwaiti fighter jets to expand fleet

It's a stop-gap measure while waiting for a new multirole combat aircraft purchasing programme to take off, says RMAF chief.

Taiwan fighters land on highway for Chinese ‘invasion’ war games

Taiwan displays how its fighter jets can land, refuel and rearm on the island's highways as part of its largest annual exercise simulating defence against a Chinese invasion.

5 countries vying for RM36 billion RMAF deal, says report

'Politics may be deciding factor' in choice of light combat aircraft from South Korea, India, Russia, Pakistan and Italy on offer.

Don’t delay buying fighter jets, Putrajaya told

A defence expert speaks of threats to Malaysia's maritime security.

South Korea-Indonesia fighter jet deal on track, despite US$200 million unpaid

The project is estimated to be worth about US$7.9 billion, and Indonesia had agreed to pay 20% of the development costs, but a senior Indonesia official said on Friday it was seeking lighter financial terms.

Dutch scramble F-16s after airline passenger scare

The scuffle broke out over Germany, about half-an-hour before the KLM Airbus A330-200 jet was to land at Schiphol airport early Saturday.

US sanctions Chinese military unit for buying Russian jets, missiles

It is uncertain if the US would take similar action if Russia delivers S400 missiles to other countries such as Turkey, which is in talks to buy them.

No problem with our Sukhois if Malaysia follows maintenance schedule, says...

The Russian government denies that the maintenance of Sukhoi jets is bogged down by bureaucracy and opaque procedures, saying the problem lies in the failure to adequately fund the fleet's upkeep.

US F-15 fighter jet crashes into sea off Japan’s Okinawa

The pilot, the only person in the aircraft, ejected successfully and was recovered by search and rescue crews, the statement said. A board of officers would investigate the incident, it said.

Swedish PM to testify as witness in Brazil fighter jet case

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will testify as a witness in a corruption case regarding Brazil's purchase of Swedish fighter jets.

Croatia favours Israeli offer of F-16s for air force

The F-16 fighter jets will replace a squadron of MIG-21 fighter jets.

Taiwan scrambles jets as China’s air force holds drill near island

Taiwanese aircraft shadowed Chinese air force fighter jets as they flew through the Bashi Channel.

Malaysia only talking to Dassault about jets

Only bilateral negotiation taking place now with no other party talking to Malaysia over purchase of combat aircraft, says French government.

RMAF’s wings clipped by budget cuts

Badly needed fighter jets, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft unlikely to be acquired by the Royal Malaysian Air Force in the short to medium term, says report.