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Tag: finance

More companies shy away from Facebook’s Libra coin

Companies pulling out offer similar statements that they will continue to monitor the progress of Libra and could partner up in future.

Sabah govt agencies told to stand on their own

The chief minister says the agencies must reduce their dependence on government grants and become financially independent.

‘Overworked, understaffed’ health ministry wants more funds

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says a request has been made for more funds to be allocated in the 2020 Budget.

4 ways to handle financial peer pressure

While positive peer pressure can encourage you to reach greater financial heights, negative peer pressure can leave a significant dent in your finances.

17 money calculations you need to make

Here are some calculations to help you manage your money better.

Treasury ready to act on second Samurai bond, awaits PM’s order

Prime minister taking views of various parties into consideration, although the interest rate is lower, says finance ministry.

19 Malaysian financial education initiatives

Below is the first part of the list of every single financial education initiative under the Financial Education Network (FEN).

Guan Eng emphasises need to diversify financing ecosystem

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says diversifying the country's financing ecosystem will help fund small and medium enterprises.

Rates markets ripe for shake up as 5 Asia central banks...

Markets await decisions on rate cut from central banks across Australasia.

JPMorgan taps Germany’s growing appetite for investment advice

Many of JPMorgan’s German clients are investing more internationally.

Goldman says Asia’s trade slump is showing signs of bottoming

Chinese and American trade negotiators meet again in Shanghai this week for the first round of meetings between both sides since talks broke down in May.

Deutsche Bank culls top leadership, dumps unwanted

Several senior executives are expected to depart as part of the reorganisation.

4 money-making tips you should know from the get-go

Here are several surefire ways Malaysians can earn additional income to fatten up their wallets.

Common mistakes credit card holders commit

Excessive use of a credit card can lead to the financial catastrophe of debt.

Understanding the link between property prices and location

When scouting for a home to buy, remember that the property is always more affordable the further it is away from the city centre or other high-demand areas.

Nordea’s Danish headquarters searched as part of money laundering investigation

Both physical, digital documents and e-mails were seized during the search of the building in Copenhagen.

We bought TMI portal without knowing it was Jho Low-funded, says...

The Edge Weekly further says Jho Low pumped US$9 million into The Malaysian Insider to salvage the now-defunct news portal.

Father’s Day gift ideas for the absolute last-minute buyer

Broke but still want to get dad a gift for Father’s day? Read on

Economists see banks unsettled by Grab’s digital banking plan

They'll be forced to speed up their digital transformation, says Sunway University's Yeah Kim Seng.

G20 finance leaders’ communique to describe trade tensions as ‘intensified’

Group of 20 finance leaders agree to describe trade and geopolitical tensions as "intensified" and pledged to take further action to address these economic risks.

Reducing humans in finance will cut risks

The CEO of Nordea Bank makes a bold statement where roughly in a decade, many people won't be needed in finance, and that's a good thing.

Top financial red flags when dating someone new

Money can be one of the biggest generators of problems, arguments, and resentment in long-term relationships if not handled correctly at the very start.

Here’s to taking a marathoner’s approach to saving money

Marathons can’t be run without training, and houses can’t be bought without savings. But if you follow the course, you'll have a bank balance to be proud of.

China deleveraging is dead as US$34 trillion debt habit roars back

From bank loans to trust-product issuance to margin-trading accounts at stock brokerages, leverage in China is rising nearly everywhere you look.