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5 things to consider when applying for your first credit card

Besides taking an honest look at your financial situation, you also have to do some research about annual fees, cashback privileges and your eligibility.

How to select a good financial planner

Go with a financial planner you can connect with and don't be afraid to ask 'stupid questions'. Follow the guide below.

9 steps towards financial freedom

Here is some handy advice on how to gauge your financial standing and make the necessary changes to achieve financial freedom.

Solve your own mess, minister tells financially-hit football associations

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman says it is wrong for FAs to take the 'shortcut' by seeking his ministry's help to settle the salaries of players and officials.

Twitter hammered as user losses overshadow improving finances

The figures suggest that Twitter remains far from gaining mass appeal, with fewer users than rivals including Snapchat.

Deutsche Bank said to get Qatari commitment for more funds

The investment is likely to be made through the Qatar Investment Authority, the country’s sovereign wealth fund.

Netflix’s US$45 billion rally sets up earnings showdown next week

Netflix gained 4% on Friday after two analysts boosted their ratings and predicted the company would report robust subscriber additions fueled by hits like the Sandra Bullock film “Bird Box”.

Guan Eng to blame for Malaysia’s financial situation, says Najib

The former prime minister says the country lost billions in revenue after the government abolished the GST.

5 things you can do right now to be financially fit...

From reviewing your finances, to budgeting and paying off your debts, planning for baby can be a happy and stress-free experience for you.

Another look at tolls and GST

What has the new government done when it comes to reducing or renegotiating tolls and implementing an effective tax system?

Ask and we will help, Guan Eng tells Kelantan

The finance minister says the federal government is willing to continue helping the state with its finances.

Lost your job? Here are 8 tips to help keep you...

From getting financial help to renegotiating your loan repayments and consolidating your debts, there are many ways to weather the storm.

Survey: Uncertainty over new government policies tops business worries

Many businesses are positive about the economic outlook but may lose their optimism if the government does not communicate a clear, consistent and comprehensive economic policy, survey says.

Reduce food prices and empower consumers to tackle cost of living

The government needs to undertake programmes and policies to bring down costs while consumers need to better manage their consumption and finances in this challenging economic environment.

Johnny Depp and ex-managers settle lawsuit over finances

A source close to The Management Group said it was "pleased with the settlement."

Sabah has RM1.6 billion only to spend, says asst finance minister

He says the state’s financial position as of June 18, 2018, indicated public funds totalled RM3.3054 billion.

Shafie now admits Sabah financial health is good, says state rep

Apas assemblyman Nizam Abu Bakar Titingan says Shafie had previously claimed the state's finances were in shambles and it did not have any reserves in its coffers.

Guan Eng’s tell-all policy the way to go, says economist

However, Ramon Navaratnam urges better debt reporting according to methods used by international rating agencies.

It’s the economy, so less bad news please, Putrajaya told

An analyst says there is a need to convince rating agencies in order to make Malaysia attractive to investors again.

One loan vs many: Is debt consolidation the answer?

Financial planner Robert Foo warns that debt consolidation only treats the 'symptoms'.

Time for responsible budgeting

It may be timely to set up an Office for Budgetary Responsibility, like in UK, an advisory body to provide independent economic forecasts and analysis of public finances to help plan the annual Budget.

Mahathir: Enough evidence to charge Najib, Rosmah

The prime minister tells the New York Times that Najib’s government ‘raped’not just 1MDB but also other govt-funded initiatives.

Dr M, traders’ one-time foe, gets cautious market welcome

The ringgit only went down 1% against the dollar yesterday despite fears that it would tumble as much as 4%, while the benchmark stock index also rebounded.

Let’s rethink frequent supplementary budgets

Why should we have supplementary budgets year in and year out if there are already contingency funds in place to cater to unforeseen situations?