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Tag: financial aid

We’re not inconsiderate, just focused on strengthening finances, PM tells civil...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad explains why his administration cannot simply hand out financial assistance unlike the previous government.

Eradicating poverty: We’re only good at planning, says economist

Sulochana Nair says the question is whether the programmes and policies set out by the government have any impact at the grassroots level.

IMF reaches deal with Ukraine on new US$4 bn, 14-month loan

The new 14-month stand-by loan deal replaces an existing four-year financial aid package agreed in March 2015 and due to expire in five months.

BR1M not bribery if given to the poor, says Malay group

The Malay Economic Action Council says the BR1M scheme is 'good and strategic', the only issue is who receives the aid.

Germany not considering financial aid for Turkey, says German official

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier that the German government was considering providing emergency financial assistance to its ally in the NATO military alliance.

Brimming with ideas of wealth redistribution

The most important factor in discussions on cash handouts is the long-term dignity and empowerment of the people amid sustainable national development.

Johor civil servants to get RM1,000 Aidilfitri aid

The payment will be made on June 16, says state secretary Azmi Rohani.

You can’t lead if you don’t love

If leaders truly loved the people they served, there would be no need to badger them into voting for the "right" party come election day.

‘Don’t let kids collect RM100 school aid’

Parent groups want the parents to collect the money direct from the schools or forfeit it.

‘Why must parents say how much they earn, for free textbooks?’

Textbooks are free for every child in public school, points out national Parent-Teacher group.

‘Other countries give food stamps, we give BR1M’

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Paul Low says the financial aid helps people affected by the introduction of GST and removal of subsidies for some items.

Johari: Stop exploiting BR1M for political points

Second finance minister says provision of financial aid to the low-income group is not a new concept and has been practised in many countries worldwide.

RM35,800 aid given to victims of animal attacks

Money comes from Social Welfare Department’s Victims of Wild Animal Attack Aid Fund which provides maximum aid of RM20,000 for death cases or permanent disability due to animal attacks.