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Tag: financial markets

Hong Kong stocks drop after protesters shut airport

Mainland investors have made the most of the slump in Hong Kong-listed equities, purchasing stocks through exchange links every day this month.

The bomb that blew up in 2008? There’s a new one

The Bloomberg columnist believes there could be another global financial crisis if current investment trends into CLOs continue.

Top Trump official calls bankers, will convene “Plunge Protection Team”

The Treasury says Mnuchin will convene a call on Monday with the president's Working Group on Financial Markets.

US financial markets to shut Wednesday to honour Bush

The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Inc.’s US equities and options markets and CME Group Inc.’s US-based equity markets will shut and observe a moment of silence on Monday.

China to merge banking, insurance regulators in massive overhaul

The changes will create new bureaus, do away with others, and shift around responsibilities.