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Tag: financial

Chinese offices sit empty amid slow economic period

Nation’s vacancy rate is the worst since 2008.

Singapore’s largest bank uses AI to help with hiring

'Jim' speeds up and improves quality of initial screening of job applicants.

LTAT announces 2% dividend after discovery of financial irregularities

LTAT chairman Mohd Zahidi Zainuddin says unaudited net profit was RM221 million, a decrease of 51.9% from the year before.

A reminder on what Lim Kit Siang said about Mahathir-era scandals

Lim Kit Siang has forgotten that Mahathir’s first stint as prime minister was marked by sensational financial scandals and the 1MDB scandal was possible because of the political system Mahathir had created.

Growth in private investments drops sharply in 2018 from year before

Research think tank calls for holistic plan as investors still cautious.

Brahim’s Holdings confident won’t be delisted

The company says it does not want to get delisted and is determined to submit a regularisation plan to emerge from the PN17 status imposed by Bursa Malaysia.

Top financial red flags when dating someone new

Money can be one of the biggest generators of problems, arguments, and resentment in long-term relationships if not handled correctly at the very start.

Putrajaya’s new economic council and the need for courageous reforms

EAC members, although capable, cannot be expected to think of everything alone.

Prolonged US shutdown threatens to unsettle economy

More than a week into the game of chicken between President Donald Trump and Democrats in Congress, the publication and recording of statistical indicators are being delayed.

Financial sabotage: AG drops appeal against 1MDB critics

With the withdrawal of the appeal, the acquittal of Khairuddin Abu Hassan and Matthias Chang by the Sessions Court is confirmed.

Government offers to withdraw appeal against 1MDB critics

This would mean that the Sessions Court's decision last year to acquit them of sabotaging the nation's banking and financial services remains.

Consider alternatives to toll abolition, say economists

Saying the government will need a huge sum of money if it wants to abolish highway tolls, two economists suggest that it consider other ways to ensure a win-win situation.

Agong backs financial transparency, scrapping GST

King praises the government’s commitment towards promoting better financial practices and thanks the people for contributing towards Tabung Harapan Malaysia.

Report: Investors not impressed with PH’s economic policies

The Nikkei Asian Review reports that capital outflow has increased and the ringgit and stock market are not doing well as the government has not come up with new economic policies that inspire confidence.

Pointless to have saving schemes without education, say experts

Financial planner Robert Foo says initiatives such as the Anak Malaysia Trust Fund must have features which will encourage people to save.

Mahathir: Enough evidence to charge Najib, Rosmah

The prime minister tells the New York Times that Najib’s government ‘raped’not just 1MDB but also other govt-funded initiatives.

Remember who closed our local banks, Sarawak CM tells voters

He says local banks were forced to enter into mergers with other peninsula banks, resulting in them being swallowed up during Dr Mahathir Mohamad's time as prime minister.

A-G’s Report: Sabah’s financial management gets good rating

Sabah’s accounting records praised for being up-to-date and maintained in an organised manner.

AAM members, staff agreeable to sale of HQ

AAM has debts totalling RM4.5 million and the building can be sold for RM7.5 million, but there are doubts about how the funds from the sale would be used.

Survey: Malaysians pessimistic about economy

Financial Times report also notes Bank Negara statistics indicate loan growth has been decelerating over the past year.