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GPS approach at Seletar Airport involves cost for Firefly, says Loke

He says the amount involved will be a commercial decision by Firefly.

Malaysia ready to take control of southern Johor airspace

Management of the airspace was delegated to Singapore in 1974 and the transport ministers of both countries have agreed to review the airspace agreement.

Singapore withdraws controversial Seletar Airport procedure

This paves the way for FireFly to resume its flights to Singapore.

Malaysia tak benarkan Firefly beroperasi di Lapangan Terbang Seletar

Pihak Berkuasa Penerbangan Awam Malaysia sebelum ini mengeluarkan kenyataan yang Firefly menggantung perkhidmatan ke dan dari Singapura, berkuatkuasa 1 Disember ini.

No approval for Firefly to operate from Seletar Airport

This follows certain concerns expressed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia which need to be discussed with Singapore.

Firefly gantung penerbangan ke Singapura, pindah penumpang ke Malaysia Airlines

Firefly terpaksa menggantung penerbangan ke Singapura sehingga pihak berkuasa berkaitan menyelesaikan perkara berhubung cadangan pemindahan operasi pesawat berkipas dari Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Changi ke Lapangan Terbang Seletar.

Firefly to operate from Seletar airport by end of year

Firefly, a unit of Malaysia Airlines, is currently operating 20 daily turboprop flights — to and from Subang, Ipoh and Kuantan — at Changi Airport.

MAB, Firefly kecualikan caj penukaran penerbangan sempena PRU14

Pengecualian itu terpakai bagi semua jenis tiket, dan tarikh perjalanan yang jatuh antara 8 dan 10 Mei sama ada masuk atau keluar.

AirAsia to have all-male crew for Aceh flights

Budget airline says move will help avoid flouting new regulation by Aceh authorities for Muslim female flight attendants to wear hijab upon arrival.

AirAsia pilih kru lelaki untuk laluan Aceh selepas dasar tudung

Firefly pula mungkin menugaskan pramugara atau pramugari bukan Islam untuk penerbangan ke Aceh serta mengenakan lapisan tambahan ke atas baju seragam sedia ada.

Firefly: Malaysia should have different categories for airports

Its CEO Ignatius Ong says this should be implemented until a price differentiation mechanism is ready.

Technical issue forces Firefly flight back to Penang

Firefly CEO Ignatius Ong says flight to Subang had a minor problem and made a routine landing back in Penang to carry out further checks on the aircraft.

Airline boss wants passenger fees based on airport ‘class’

Firefly CEO Ignatius Ong says current destination-based passenger service charges are not right when airports differ by far in terms of facilities, services.

Malaysia Airlines screens prayers before take-off

National carrier says the practice of displaying a prayer for 15 seconds has been observed since 2014.

Firefly in hot water over Fifty Shades ad

Penang Women’s Development Corporation says this is not the first time the airline has objectified women.

Firefly lowers passenger target for 2017

Airline's CEO says although ringgit's depreciation is good for attracting foreigners, local tourists find it expensive to go on holidays abroad.

Firely restructuring with fewer aircraft, flights

Parent Malaysia Airlines Berhad makes changes to increase yields for regional subsidiary which has been affected by rapid growth of competitor Malindo Air.

Bomb threat against Firefly: Man charged

Businessman is alleged to have issued a threat over the phone to a Firefly airline customer service officer.

Pengarah syarikat didakwa atas ugutan bom dalam pesawat

Tertuduh, Woong Choon Loong, 41, mengaku tidak bersalah dan mohon dibicarakan sebaik pertuduhan dibacakan di hadapan Majistret Atiqah Abdul Karim, lapor Berita Harian.

Firefly sorry for ‘sexist’ ads

Firefly apologises for using visuals in its advertisements that caused discomfort to some.

Firefly must remove insensitive ads and apologise

It is mind boggling how the airline thought that releasing a series of ads that single out a woman’s body part is acceptable.

Thumbs down for Firefly’s bottoms-up advert

Low-cost airline comes under fire for bad taste after showing discounts on a women’s derriere.