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Tag: firemen

Govt pushing for review of salary packages of firemen

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin says she is also considering a commission for the appointment of firemen

No evidence of negligence in death of 6 firemen, says govt

Task force says lack of awareness on 'low head dam’ led to drowning in disused mining pool.

Swimming pools at fire stations, to help firemen and school children

Ministry official says the proposal is aimed at improving the skills of firefighters and for children to learn swimming.

57,000 waiting to join Bomba

There is a surge in the number of candidates, but only a small number of them can be trained to become Malaysia's unsung heroes.

PTPTN announces aid for children of 6 firefighters who drowned

SSPN savings accounts opened for children's higher education needs.

6 Fire and Rescue Dept divers drown while searching for teen

Incident happened at mining pond in Taman Putra Perdana, Puchong.

DoE fails to seal carbon filter factory due to fires in...

Firemen say it may take a week to completely extinguish the embers in the dozens of sawdust pits there.

Boy, 2, trapped for an hour inside car in Klang

Firemen fail to open the car and are forced to break a window to rescue the boy who was crying.

Sick boy, 2, trapped in car for 30 minutes

Father says car suddenly locked from inside when he got out to lock the gates of his house.

Firemen rescue boy trying to jump from 3rd floor

The nine-year-old was left alone at home to fend for himself.

Firemen roped in to help transport obese man

The sick man, who weighed a whopping 250kg, had to be taken to the hospital using a five-tonne lorry.

Chemical spill causes scare at KL school

Rack containing highly combustible chemicals like phosphorous and lithium collapses in school lab.

Car plunges into 12m-deep sewer

Firemen rescue two people inside who were badly hurt in the incident in Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

Firemen rescue stray dog from drowning

Exceptions are made when lives are in danger especially in their line of duty says fireman.

33 firemen fired last year due to misconduct

The Fire Department's strict disciplinary authority results in staff getting the sack for matters that could compromise their integrity and productivity.