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Tag: Fish bombing

2 men caught fish bombing in Semporna

The boat and fish have also been seized.

Let’s move on, says Sabah PH chief on Sabah varsity’s VC...

Christina Liew declines to comment on Upko statement that PH is no better than BN as it did not consult the state government on the appointment.

Sabah sea gypsies get lecture from cops on dangers of fish...

Some 40 sea gypsies attended the community policing programme in Lahad Datu and were advised to tip off police on illegal activities.

It’s murder, say cops on Sabah fish bombing incident

Police classify blast that killed three divers off Semporna as pre-meditated murder.

Sabah minister urges boycott of ‘bombed fish’

Junz Wong says when the buying stops, the practice of fish bombing will stop as well.

Deaths of 3 divers due to blast injuries, confirm Sabah police

A postmortem on the trio found they suffered massive internal injuries, consistent to those caused by a blast.

Minister rapped for remarks on fish bombing

Sabah opposition leaders take Salahuddin Ayub to task for dismissing the notion that fish bombing has become more rampant in the country.

Cops not ruling out pre-meditated murder in fish bombing incident

However, the investigation is taking into account various angles as the police detain 10 more in connection with the incident.

Sabah cops hunting for fishermen behind fish bombing that caused 3...

They say fish bombing occurs in open sea and when patrol boats are not around.

Stop fish bombing before more lives are lost, says minister

Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Mohamaddin Ketapi says measures must be taken to ensure the safety of tourists following the death of two tourists and a diver.

3 foreign vessels found ‘fish bombing’ off Sabah coast

The authorities, who have identified the culprits and their modus operandi, aim to put an end to such activities.

Stricter laws must be imposed on fish-bombing activities

Aside from endangering fishermen, fish-bombing activities also create the possibility of oil rigs exploding.