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Tokyo to turn famed fish market to conference centre

The world's biggest fish market would become a space for international conferences and exhibitions.

Record US$3.1m paid in New Year’s tuna auction at Japan’s new...

Self-styled "Tuna King" Kiyoshi Kimura pays the top price, which has doubled the previous record of 155 million yen also paid by him in 2013.

World’s largest fish market reopens at new site in Tokyo

The old site will provide temporary parking for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics before becoming a tourist centre.

Japan’s Tsukiji fish market to stop tourist tuna viewings

After more than 80 years, Tsukiji, the world's largest fish market and a popular tourist attraction packed with restaurants and shops, will move to Toyosu, the site of a former gas plant.

Jamal warned to abort ‘fish mart’ plan at anti-kleptocracy rally

Deputy IGP Noor Rashid Ibrahim says action will be taken against Jamal under local authority regulations if he refuses to comply with police advice.