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Vital for in-depth study on impact of reclamation

Reclamation and offshore sand mining have affected both the livelihood and health of coastal fishermen.

Dead fish in Sg Gombak due to lack of oxygen, says...

Heavy rain caused sediments to rise and block their gills, it says.

Ginger soy halibut: Crispy pan-seared fish that’s super delish

Topped with finely-cut ginger strips and chopped scallion, this quick and easy dish is best enjoyed with a serving of hot, steamed white rice.

A long but worthwhile wait for Pudu fish noodles

Drop by Little Eat Stall in Pudu for a delicious and hearty bowl of noodles served with fresh fish.

What every mom should know about Omega-3

Omega-3 is important for a child's brain function, eye health, and abilities such as thinking, remembering, learning, reading and writing.

Guilty pleasure: Crispy Fu Chuk with fish paste filling

Crunchy on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside, add to a Chinese-style clear soup or eat as a snack dipped in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Macau: Tiniest shop ever serves up a good bowl of porridge

The thick, creamy and flavourful congee is the perfect complement to the fish or pig innards that is it served with.

Taukefish Recipe: An unusual but memorable eatery in KK

If ever you're in Kota Kinabalu, drop by at Taukefish Recipe for some of the freshest fish ever but call first because the eatery isn't always open for business.

Incredibly easy Hong Kong-style steamed fish

A fresh, white-fleshed sea fish is best for this recipe because of its juicy texture while the simple garlic sauce is a pleasing accompanying flavour.

Bold flavours of Baba-Nyonya cuisine at Avenue K

Terung Belado, Chicken Pongteh, Ayam Masak Merah and Asam Fish Pedas Claypot - famous dishes of Baba-Nyonya fare that really pack a punch.

Creating good eating habits for your baby

By encouraging your little ones to eat right while they're still young, you can instil good eating habits in them and help them maintain good health as they grow.

Kek Lapis: Saluting its sweet heritage

Originally from Betawi, Indonesia, Sarawakians have put their own spin on this moist, sweet dessert that locals and tourists alike clamour for now.

Ikan Cili Padi – not for the faint hearted

Ikan Cili Padi is baked fish slathered with a dark, thick paste-like sauce that is spicy, sour and sweet, and best paired with a plate of steaming hot rice.

Dang Wangi: It’s glorious past and vibrant present

No one knows what the future holds but one can still experience the glorious past and exciting present of Dang Wangi.

Stop foreign fishermen from entering Sabah waters, says minister

Junz Wong says the ministry has received complaints of foreign vessels in Sabah's waters, and urges the authorities to act on the matter.

A healthy diet high in vegetables, fish may lower multiple sclerosis...

New Australian research has found that a diet high in healthy food such as vegetables, fish, and legumes could reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS).

Low levels of omega-3s during pregnancy linked to higher risk of...

The researchers said the findings suggest that for pregnant women with low levels of EPA+DHA, eating more fish or taking a fish oil supplement could potentially lower the risk of preterm birth.

Penang says oil spill under control

The spill had sparked fears that it could threaten fish and shrimp farms.

MMEA seizes boats with items worth RM2.4 mil

The authorities also confiscated 4.5 tonnes of marine products, 10,000 litres of diesel and fishing equipment

Study warns of alarming decline in Australian fish

The main causes were overfishing and climate change.

Oily fish still a good habit for heart health, US doctors...

Among the varieties of fish promoted included salmon, mackerel, herring, and tuna.

Study: Toss back big fish, especially females

When fishing, local laws often require anglers to throw back any fish that are too small. But a study Thursday found it is more important to toss back big ones, especially females.

Greenpeace: Hong Kong fish feeding on plastic pose possible toxic risk

A culture of eating out, fast food and takeaway in the territory is fuelling a rising tide of plastic waste.

Race for Mexico’s ‘cocaine of the sea’ pushes 2 species toward...

Mexican authorities say the vaquita has been virtually wiped out by totoaba fishing, because it gets stuck in the same kind of net.