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Tag: Fitness

Andy Murray’s mum optimistic about son’s 2020 fitness dream

Judy Murray says her son is getting better and better with every match.

4 steps to snap yourself into better financial shape

Managing stress levels and surrounding yourself with positive people can help you start saving for a more financially secure future.

Fitbit eyes 1 mil new users in Singapore health scheme

Singapore, a city-state of 5.6 million people, has the longest life expectancy in the world and widespread access to healthcare.

Billionaire investor’s Trump support sparks membership war

Town Sports are looking to capitalise on the defections of Equinox and SoulCycle members.

Want a healthy lifestyle? SaladStop! can help with that

SaladStop! offers a wide selection of fresh salads, wraps, grains and healthy beverages with over 60 ingredients and 20 home made sauces.

Melanie Griffith shares the secret to her fitness on Instagram

Hollywood actress Melanie Griffith posts a clip of her workout regime on Instagram as she shares health and fitness tips to her followers.

3 reasons why you need a personal trainer

A freelance personal trainer keeps you on track to achieving your fitness goals

Joompa: Coach creates app to match users with personal trainers

Benjamin Price creates Malaysia's first ever sports coach concierge service to match users to experts in strength training, yoga, kickboxing and more.

5 marathons off the beaten path for 2019

These five unusual marathons should help get you running in 2019.

Keep fit to cut your risk of heart attack, says study

The risk of experiencing a heart attack declined steadily as the participant's fitness increased.

Burning calories through high intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training promote post-exercise calorie burning and is more effective than other forms of training.

Commuting to work through nature could boost your mental health

The positive association with mental health was even stronger among those who reported active commuting through natural environments.

Why nature-inspired fitness regimens work better

Scientists say nature can provide stress relief, increase social interaction, encourage physical exercise and help soothe the effects of mental illness.

10 jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Here's a look at how technology and fitness has changed the job market.

United’s Shaw dismisses criticism over fitness and conditioning

Luke Shaw of Manchester United said criticism of his fitness and conditioning was unwarranted.

What is blanket yoga and how could it help boost wellbeing?

The next big trend in yoga looks set to be blanket yoga, which offers an even more restorative and relaxing practice.

Jordan Spieth’s unusual problem at Thanksgiving: keeping weight on

Jordan Spieth hopes to avoid unnecessary weight loss so as to stay in peak physical condition for his upcoming golf tournaments.

No replacing the human touch, says fitness expert

UiTM's Raja Mohammed Firhad Azidin says technology will not be able to replace personal trainers anytime soon.

Be conscious of safety, gym owners told

A fitness expert calls for a finer sense of responsibility towards users.

Police set fitness test to qualify for promotion

10,000 members of police force known to have weight problems, says management director.