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City Hall incurs losses of over RM18 mil due to rent...

DBKL urges tenants to settle their debts or risk having their tenancy agreements terminated.

Singapore’s public housing, envy of world, hits rough patch

The recent declines may be because buyers are increasingly focused on 99-year land leases, which in some cases have about 40 years to run.

We will fix lifts at flats if we have money,...

Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz says City Hall will discuss the matter at a meeting with KL MPs on Wednesday.

‘Drug flats’ blight the heart of Spanish cities

MADRID: A decade after Spain's property bubble burst, dozens of vacant apartments in Madrid and Barcelona have turned into "drug flats", to the dismay...

Nostalgia trip for residents of Padang Tembak flats

People who used to stay at Penang’s first high-rise flats invited to share their memories.

DBKL installs 1,500 CCTV cameras at PA, PPR flats

City Hall says the CCTV system will make it easier for it to monitor the situation at the PA and PPR flats as well as enhance security in the housing areas.

Falling chair death: FT ministry going after culprit

Tengku Adnan Mansor says the ministry has ordered Kuala Lumpur City Hall to install safety nets in strategic places at PPR flats to minimise the risk of accidents due to the residents’ habit of hurling things out.

Boy killed by falling chair: Cops collect DNA samples

Statements recorded from over 30 people in case classified as murder.

Boy killed by falling chair at low-cost flats: Dad demands justice

Victim’s mother, who witnessed incident, traumatised by incident in Pantai Dalam.

Baru welcomes Sarawak corporation’s legal move against him

Legal action may be initiated against Sarawak PKR chief for alleging that state Housing Development Corporation paid RM2.88 million for paint jobs that were never done.

DAP rep wants guarantee for poor Kuching flat residents

He says the urban poor occupying the flats can be kicked out someday if there is no clarity on the land issue.

Slithery intruder in Penang flats was from the wild

Perhilitan finds no proof of the reptile being caged in one of the units, as reported earlier, and says it will be released back into the wild.

Slithery intruder ‘sacked’

Cobra escapes enclosure from a flat unit and causes panic among flat residents in Penang.

2 shops, 5 cars destroyed in Andalas fire

Seri Andalas Assemblyman Dr Xavier Jeyakumar tells people not to believe rumours on social media that the fire was caused by a hand grenade or terrorists.

Shackled boy under police custody

Penang police looking for boy’s father for investigations under Child Act 2001 for ill-treatment and neglect.

Archived: Residents camp out in haze over unsafe flats

Residents continue their struggle for safe housing inspite of the worsening haze condition.