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Tag: flying cars

Flying cars, not really a priority right now

We already have to deal with problems on the road – will we now have to watch the skies as well?

‘Flying cars’ buzz grows ahead of major tech show

A scaled-down replica of 'Toyota's flying car' is to be shown at CES.

Uber, Airbus enlisted to help Japan develop flying cars

With Japanese companies already trailing their global peers in electric vehicles and self-driving cars, the government is showing urgency on the aircraft technology.

Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights

A flying car project backed by Google co-founder Larry Page was closer to take-off on Wednesday, with a model for test flights by aspiring buyers.

Flying cars eye takeoff at Geneva Motor Show

After gracing our screens for decades, flying cars are about to shift gears from dream to reality, with the unveiling of a commercial model in Geneva this week.

China’s Geely buys US flying-carmaker

The acquisition of Terrafugia by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has received approval from the US government with the first unit to be rolled out in 2019.