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MyKad palsu: 20 termasuk pegawai kanan JPN ditahan

Kesemua suspek berusia 32 hingga 70 tahun merupakan ejen, orang tengah, penganjur dan pemilik kad pengenalan, sijil lahir serta pasport Malaysia palsu.

Win complimentary tickets to The Aftermath today

Win tickets to 'The Aftermath' and beat all others when you watch the special sneak preview held in your honour on March 20 - thanks to 20th Century Fox.

I support Putrajaya’s ban on Israeli athletes, says Khairy

Rembau MP says it will be hard to achieve a 'win-win' situation when dealing with Israel.

100 illegal plastic processing factories to be closed down

Department of Environment has set up a task force to plan integrated operations in various states.

Teoh Beng Hock Trust: Why 7-month delay in reopening probe into...

It says Attorney-General's Chambers had clearly instructed police to reopen the case.

Ex-Immigration chief Mustafar Ali to head National Financial Crime Centre

The NFCC is aimed at curbing money laundering and will start to officially function as soon as the law has been enacted.

Introduce anti-hopping law, give equal funds to all elected reps, NGO...

Sedar says it will reach out to more people nationwide for their signatures for the petition to press their demands.

Settle study loans even if it is small amount, PTPTN appeals...

PTPTN chairman Wan Saiful Wan Jan says 20% of 1.8 million borrowers have not paid a single sen since finishing their studies.

Review fuel prices on weekly basis, Rafizi tells govt

The former Pandan MP says motorists will be able to enjoy immediate savings when there is a drop in crude oil prices.

Lawyers call for law reforms to solve stateless issue

They say amending Section 17 of Federal Constitution will allow many stateless children to be recognised as citizens.

Wee tells Zahid: All BN parties have right to speak on...

The MCA president calls for a BN meeting to be held soon to discuss the proposed dissolution of the coalition

Hugely satisfying beef noodles at Sg Petani taxi station

Started in 1950, the stall is still going strong today, dishing out the same, rich and flavourful broth to delighted customers.

Suhakam to probe navy cadet’s death in Lumut

Suhakam commissioner Lok Yim Pheng says the commission will start its investigations soon.

Minimum wage increase: Employers unhappy, workers give thumbs up

While the MEF criticises the government for being inconsistent over the minimum wage rate, the MTUC welcomes the rate hike, even if it is only RM50 above the earlier announced rate.

MTUC: Make higher education free, cap affordable housing at RM100,000

Its secretary-general J Solomon says under Budget 2019, the new government should focus on wealth redistribution so that the B40 and M40 groups benefit.

Nazri soothes MCA’s fears of PAS joining BN

Padang Rengas MP says MCA’s view will also be taken into account if there is any plan to include PAS in Barisan Nasional.

PPBM leaders dismiss Zahid’s claim that Dr M asked him to...

PPBM Supreme Council member Tariq Ismail says it is unlikely PPBM can afford to accept leaders like Zahid, who is now facing charges for corruption.

Clear message to jump ship during meeting with Dr M, says...

The former deputy prime minister says that it was made clear that he and other party leaders should abandon Umno and join PPBM.

UN treaty: Don’t dismiss Bumiputera sentiments, says PPBM Youth

PPBM Youth says Malaysia should not ratify the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination when basic issues such as capability of Malays are still not addressed.

Najib defends his statement on drop in palm oil exports

Former prime minister says Indonesian exports of palm oil had gone up but that from Malaysia had dropped after GE14.

Grab: Our service doesn’t affect cabbies’ income

It says more taxis are using its e-hailing service and earning as much as RM4,000 a month.

MACC raids Irwan’s house in Putrajaya

However, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission says nothing was seized during the raid.

Ex-Utusan chief sad to see paper’s ‘dark future’

Zainuddin Maidin says he does not see the paper coming out of its present financial crisis.

MTUC: Raise wages to attract local workers first, then go into...

Its secretary-general J Solomon says the government must carefully study the plan to automate the manufacturing and agricultural sectors as the social costs are high.