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Explain CEP extension, Maria urges Putrajaya

The PKR MP says the CEP's terms and how long it will continue to exist must be made clear.

Better medical facilities now thanks to my heart, says Dr M

The prime minister jokingly takes credit for the improvement in Malaysia's medical facilities following his 2006 heart attack.

Umno rules don’t require Najib to stay silent, says Ku Li

Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says only those who hold positions would be asked to step down if he or she has been convicted of an offence.

Kit Siang: Siapa cakap saya samakan Islam dengan kleptokrasi?

Menjawab kesalan Najib, pemimpin DAP itu mencabar pemimpin Umno dan PAS serta mempersoalkan daya intelek mereka.

Dr M says not practical for ministers to be in Dewan...

They need to attend to their ministerial duties, and 24 hours in a day is not enough, says the prime minister.

Syed Saddiq nafi lantik pejuang LGBT jadi pegawai khas kementerian

Menteri belia dan sukan itu berkata sehingga kini belum ada seorang pun pegawai dilantik secara rasmi di KBS.

Minister questions RM1 bil solar contract for car rental company

The education minister says there was no open tender for the contract worth more than RM1 billion.

Sabah akan kaji projek saluran paip gas dibiayai China

Ketua Menteri Shafie Apdal akan bertemu menteri kewangan bagi mendapatkan butiran terperinci berhubung projek TSGP.

Putrajaya to axe 17,000 contract staff in bid to stop wastage

The prime minister says they are all politically appointed.

Sivarasa sues Umno leader over Ijok land claims

The lawyer and two others are seeking damages from Umno Supreme Council member Irmohizam Ibrahim.

Small but staunch: Mini flags fly in PKR’s colours

As in the previous election, the small flags have made their appearance at the roundabout in Taman Lucky, Bangsar.

Don’t jeopardise development in Johor, Khaled tells voters

The Johor BN chief says only the ruling coalition can guarantee development in Bakri and Muar.

PH to decide if sole PKR MP in Sarawak will defend...

This follows DAP's call to have him replaced.

Attack Dr M at your own peril, Mukhriz warns Umno

The former Kedah MB says the factors behind Umno's defeat in Kedah in 2008 are being replayed.

Putrajaya has no plans to reduce civil servants

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Joseph Entulu Belaun dismisses notion that there are too many civil servants in the country.

13 Picassos sold in a couple of days and 1 firm...

The leading work of the week was a 1937 portrait of Picasso’s young muse and lover Marie-Therese Walter that fetched 49.8 million pounds, surpassing the presale estimate at Sotheby’s.

Uber CEO plans closer ties with Toyota on autonomous driving

For Toyota, closer ties could help it keep up with rivals like Nissan Motor Co, which is working on its own autonomous solution.

How fashion, shoes and accessories enable the disabled

Designers are also eying an ageing population, which bring their own disabilities, as another source for market expansion.

On eve of investigation, Vatican says pope meets sex abuse victims...

Pope Francis meets the victims either individually or in groups, several times a month to 'help them heal the grave wounds caused by the abuses they suffered'.

In free trade U-turn, Modi raises India’s import duties

Narendra Modi has been ensnared by a global wave of protectionism that could threaten the FDIs India needs to achieve double-digit growth

Project manager claims trial for CBT involving RM2.54 million

Over 50,000 bags of fertiliser could see Muhamad Nasir Razak jailed up to 20 years if convicted.

Vaping under threat in tobacco-loving Indonesia

Jakarta says it will impose a whopping 57% tax on non-tobacco alternatives starting this summer as criticism grows that the government is siding with tobacco firms.

Tillerson’s old school way to deal with Trump tweets

The Secretary of State, who has no social media account, has his aide print Trump's tweets for his perusal.

China’s central bank says centralised virtual currency trade needs to end

In a memo, PBOC vice governor Pan Gongsheng says the government will continue applying pressure to the virtual currency trade.