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Tag: food security

RM1.8 bil subsidies for padi farmers too costly, says Dr M

The prime minister says Putrajaya needs to study how to increase the productivity of farmers in order to increase their income without burdening consumers.

More effort needed to boost local food production, says group

Cassa urges Putrajaya to prevent a situation where Malaysia becomes dependent on other countries for food security.

Can Dr M help solve Malaysia’s food security problems?

The prime minister recently advised Felda settlers to adopt mixed farming methods — something agriculture activists have been suggesting for years.

Malaysia targets 80% rice self-sufficiency by 2022

The agriculture minister says technology transfer from China, Taiwan and Japan will help to achieve this.

PKR man: Rescue padi farms from years of neglect

Penang assemblyman says Bernas was a crony company that made huge profits at the expense of padi farmers and consumers.

From farming to activism and politics

Farmers' contributions towards food security appear to be underestimated, and their livelihoods are threatened by land grabs and eviction orders.

Food security worsening in conflict-hit Mideast, North Africa: UN

The level of undernourishment in the conflict countries is now six times larger than that in non-conflict countries, says international body.

UN dishes up prickly pear cactus in answer to food security

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization urged farmers to treat the cactus as a crop rather than as a weed.

Economist warns of healthcare crisis in Malaysia’s future

Muhammed Abdul Khalid says a policy is needed to make healthy food both available and affordable, and a higher tax imposed on cigarettes.

Malaysia needs mass agricultural output

Klang MP Charles Santiago says Malaysia can produce enough food for local consumption and reduce the cost of living if Putrajaya emphasises on agriculture.

Malaysia spent RM45 billion on food imports last year

Common fruits and vegetables including watermelon, banana, rambutan, onions, garlic, chillies among those imported.