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Tag: food waste

In Germany, activists battle food waste with dumpster diving

Hundreds of activists across Germany still choose to carry on in the hope that they can force the industry to take action to end food waste.

UN: Environment damage behind 1 in 4 global deaths, disease

The Global Environment Outlook report depicts a widening gap between rich and poor countries and the effects the developed world has on the developing.

Focus on reducing food waste, Putrajaya told

A food waste expert suggests that the government organise programmes to raise awareness about the issue, and invest in technology like composters for residential areas.

In food waste fight, Brits turn bread into beer

The brewery uses some of the tonnes of discarded uneaten bread in Britain to produce beer in support of an initiative fighting food waste -- and the idea is being exported around the world.

Food waste awareness high but action sadly lacking

Waste management specialist says halal and haram issue also comes into play when dealing with the treatment of food waste in Malaysia.

Reduce, reuse and recycle food waste for Earth Day

Ahead of Earth Day, April 22, which this year is focused on environmental literacy, take a look at the food waste movement, and what you can do to curb it in your own home.

Food that can feed 2 million people a day ends up...

Malaysians waste about 15,000 tonnes of food daily, and about 8,000 tonnes of this can actually be eaten.

Solid waste disposal in KL up 25% during Ramadan

Food waste and untouched food, including those from Ramadan bazaars, largest contributors to the increase.