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HK protests have caused 100 restaurants to close

Around 2,000 employees affected as a result.

People likely to eat more around family and friends

Research suggests people tend to consume up to 48% more in the company of loved ones. 

3 must-eat delicacies when on a day trip in Melaka

From savoury to sweet to traditional and modern, there's something for everyone when spending the day in Melaka.

Myanmar’s marvellous sticky rice dessert recipe

Enjoy this Myanmar recipe for a sweet, sticky rice dessert that is very simple to make.

Eat out: Masala Wheels keeps turning out tasty Indian food

Tucked away in a quiet corner of PJ Old Town, Masala Wheels is a good place to bring friends and family who crave really great-tasting spicy food.

An easy samosa recipe that’s great for tea-time

The perfect filling for this spicy Indian appetiser should have the perfect balance of flavour and texture.

Iran says new US sanctions target access to food, medicine

Iran says repeated attempts at sanctioning the same institution is a sign of desperation from the US.

Famous Korean dish Japchae is delicious and nutritious

This sweet potato noodle dish from Korean is healthy, spicy and such a breeze to put together.

Concubine Lane: Falling in love with an Ipoh of yesteryear

With stalls and cafes selling delicious snacks of all kinds, Concubine Lane is a must-visit when in Ipoh.

5 types of waiters customers dread

A bad server can make a dining experience at the best restaurant the worst time ever.

5 healthy diet-boosters to beat the effects of the haze

With the air quality going from bad to worse these past few weeks, stave away sickness by keeping your body strong.

Kitkat goes Malaysian with durian, roti canai and nasi lemak flavours

Look out for other uniquely local flavours like onde-onde, rose bandung and apam balik to celebrate Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day.

Mooncakes: Offerings, secret messages or just tasty pastry?

Often associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are a few myths and legends about how these petite cakes came to be.

AB Inbev targets US$5 billion in Asian unit’s Hong Kong IPO

The listing could be a boost to the Hong Kong bourse at a time when the market has been roiled by the US-China trade war and anti-government protests.

Unimas denies food sold to students below par, overpriced

The DAP claims new students have complained about the quality of the food but Universiti Malaysia Sarawak says it has not received any complaints.

3 women cook up a vegan storm

kawkawveg is a vegan food delivery start-up that aims to make people care not just for their health but also for animals and the environment.

Eat out: Heavenly char kway teow in Restoran Shangri-La

Originally meant as a cheap meal for labourers, char kway teow is now a mainstay of Malaysian Chinese cuisine.

Malaysia’s first vegan outlet on a mission with passion

Vegan District owner hopes the entire area where his shop is located will one day become a vegan district.

Mona Café: Classy but affordable dining in Publika KL

While this trendy spot tends to be associated with high prices, Mona Café offers shoppers hearty meals at reasonable prices.

Food and fuel dominate imports in Zimbabwe’s efforts to keep economy...

Zimbabwe imported almost US$80 million’s worth of diesel last month, 30% less than in June

Food for thought on free school breakfast

Contractors should be monitored to ensure quality and that school authorities are not bribed.

Veganism sprouts as more embrace health, oppose animal cruelty

Veganism has taken root in Malaysia, with vegan food outlets and vegan products becoming increasingly available.

Kah Ping’s Mee Hoon Kuih in Klang a firm favourite with...

Kah Ping's Mee Hoon Kuih is bursting with taste and comes with a small but delicious serving of small shrimps.

Time to indulge in an Italian-Korean feast at Table9

In a spot in Bangsar where east meets west, new flavours are created to be enjoyed.