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Tag: food

A long but worthwhile wait for Pudu fish noodles

Drop by Little Eat Stall in Pudu for a delicious and hearty bowl of noodles served with fresh fish.

10 must-try Balkan dishes when in Southeast Europe

From grilled meat to meat perfectly cocooned in hollowed vegetables, every Balkan dish is an experience of tastes in humble liberality.

Dumplings are magical

The dumpling is much loved across the world in its many forms

Descend, Eat, Marvel: Europe’s first underwater restaurant

The restaurant serves up Poseidon's delicacies in an architectural showpiece that stretches down five metres underwater, offering a unique closeup of ocean life.

Eating blueberries could be good for your heart

Over the course of six months, the researchers studied the effects of eating blueberries every day in 138 overweight sufferers of Metabolic Syndrome.

Italy’s Lido 84 restaurant named ‘one to watch’ 2019 by World’s...

Brothers Riccardo and Giancarlo Camanini have been bestow with the 'Miele One To Watch Award 2019'.

Falling prices rock coffee-growers in Colombia

Coffee producers in Colombia are selling at a loss, blaming the crash on stock market speculators who have force prices down to an all-time low.

McDonald’s hit with sexual harassment complaints

Dozens of workers protested in front of the company's headquarters in Chicago wanting more to be done on sexual harassment at McDonald's.

What’s cookin’: Lip-smacking Nasi Lemak Goreng

Here’s an exciting new video series from FMT Lifestyle that will make a serious chef out of you. The first recipe is Nasi Lemak Goreng.

Fake meat: Don’t go bacon my heart, says butchers

Being derived from sources like soy, peas or beans, the synthetic products are being manufactured without using animals.

Enter a Whimsy-cal universe without leaving the dinner table

Besides a Michelin meal, diners travel through space, sea, jungle and carnival while seated at the table thanks to Whimsy's 360-projection technology.

Biting off more than we can chew during Ramadan

Overeating during Ramadan contradicts the whole point of the fasting month, which is to live simply.

Fight Singapore for hawker culture recognition, rep tells Penang govt

Lee Khai Loon says the Penang government should drop its gentle approach and aggressively pursue Unesco nomination for Penang’s hawker culture.

Hugo’s KL revives the tradition of tiffin-set meals this Iftar

Not only is dinner served in a tiffin-set, guests are gifted with a three-levelled one to take home.

Study: Kids can beat allergies by eating some foods early in...

Even so, it is always best to consult your doctor first before introducing common allergy-causing foods into your children's diet.

Wonderfood Museum: Plastic has never looked so tasty

The replicas are so beautifully made that if you weren't hungry when you entered the museum, you certainly will be by the time you leave.

Papa roach: Chinese farmer breeds bugs for the table

In China cockroaches are dubbed "Little Strong" because they can live for days even after being cut in half.

Someone’s out to sully BN’s image with RM50 bribe, claims Tok...

The Barisan Nasional’s Rantau by-election candidate says he told those who receive calls promising RM50 if they would vote for him to lodge a police report.

Malaysia’s heritage foods to be nominated for Unesco recognition

This is the first of a two-part article on the National Heritage Department’s effort to preserve local traditional foods.

Cucur Udang by the famous Masterchef Zaleha

Cucur Udang may look easy but is a technical dish to prepare - you must have the correct ratio of flour to water, and oil for frying at the perfect temperature.

Sink your teeth into some slow-cooker bread butter pudding

This recipe is so incredibly moist that there’s no need to serve it with extra cream on the side.

What moms who breastfeed should eat

With the goal to have a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fluids, breastfeeding moms should eat five or six small meals a day instead of three large meals.

Fuss-free fish head curry that packs a punch

Slow cooked for four hours on a low temperature, you'll be amazed at how the flavours intensify.

Forget manufacturing, go for agriculture, activist tells Sabah govt

Local activist Zainnal Ajamain says Sabah should make use of its vast tracts of land and strategic position to become the food basket of the region.