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Tag: forced labour

Forced labour in Malaysia just the tip of the iceberg

There is a need to synchronise both the laws and enforcement mechanisms.

US diamond ban has ‘political agenda’, slams furious Zimbabwe

America barred trading of rough diamonds from African country on Tuesday for use of forced labour.

Malaysian rubber gloves among banned goods in US anti-slavery crackdown

It is among five products the US seized based on information they were made using slave labour.

US church leaders charged with using homeless for forced labour

12 people from Imperial Valley Ministries face charges of conspiracy, forced labour, document servitude and benefits fraud.

Ensure plantations free of forced labour, Tenaganita tells FGV

This follows call by US NGOs to ban imports of palm oil from FGV and investigate the company.

Migrants mistakenly held in Thai trafficking shelters

The US State Department criticises Thailand for not pushing their anti-trafficking efforts enough.

Interpol rescues child slaves from West African markets

The children rescued were between the ages of 11 and 16 and came from Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria and Togo.

Prominent businessman and wife claim trial to exploiting domestic workers

Ketheeswaran M Kanagaratnam and Vivienne Ketheeswaran are accused of exploiting their domestic workers for the purposes of forced labour from October 2012 to March this year.

China using Muslim detainees for forced labour

Millions of mostly Muslim minorities are held in internment centres across Xinjiang, China, and others forced to work for far less than the local minimum wage.

10 firms under probe as govt declares war against forced labour

The government is also seeking to amend laws to give it more teeth to act against forced labour and prevent the possible barring of Malaysian goods to the US market.

South Korea’s Moon urges ‘restrained’ language in forced labour row with...

Japan denounced an October South Korean Supreme Court ruling - which said a 1965 treaty did not remove the workers' right to reparations - as 'unthinkable'.

Ministry denies migrant workers at Top Glove forced to work overtime

Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran says foreign workers who worked overtime did so voluntarily.

South Korea-Japan spat deepens over Mitsubishi forced labour case

The recent court rulings strike at the heart of a fraught history between the two US allies that risks hurting relations in other areas.

Major companies urged to stop telling anti-slavery ‘fairytales’

Anti-slavery certification schemes or codes of conduct are often sub-standard and fail to combat worker exploitation.

Japan denounces South Korean court ruling on wartime forced labour

The Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that the firm pay each of four plaintiffs - only one of whom is still alive - 100 million won (US$88,000) for being forced to work at its steel mills between 1941 and 1943.

Extortion and abuse: Myanmar workers arrive debt-laden in Thailand

Despite the extortionate fees and the threat of debt, each month around 15,000 people from Myanmar cross into Thailand to take up jobs.

US slavery victims denied compensation by courts

An estimated 25 million people are trapped in forced labour worldwide, working in factories, farms and fishing boats, and as domestic or sex workers, according to the UN.

US liquor heiress gets bail in alleged New York sex cult...

Clare Bronfman, the daughter of former Seagram chairman Edgar M. Bronfman, was one of four women charged Tuesday in connection with the investigation of Nxivm, an Albany, New York-based multilevel marketing company founded by Keith Raniere.

2 Sri Lankan engineers duped into forced labour in Malaysia

Police detain agent after the two escape from a ship near Sibu where they had been confined.

Managing director claims trial to human trafficking charges

He is jointly charged with a supervisor of human trafficking with the purpose of forced labour exploitation.

Why human trafficking victims stay silent

Many of them face language barriers and are afraid of the authorities while others are threatened with deportation or harm to their family members back home.

Malaysia stops importing North Korean labour

This follows estranged ties between the two nations on the heels of the murder of Kim Jong Nam, and a US call to disallow North Koreans from working in host countries.

Japan urged to recognise Asian victims of Death Railway

Death Railway NGO urges Crown Prince Naruhito to help focus attention on the issue, for Japan to make available records of Asians forced to work there.

US cries foul over forced labour issues in Malaysia

Both adults and children in the country are subjected to forced labour, according to latest human rights report by US State Department.