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Struggling Ford enters JV with Mahindra in India

Global carmakers have a tough time making inroads in India which is dominated by cheap, fuel efficient vehicles.

Automakers reach emissions deal with California, in rebuff to Trump

The deal was negotiated in secret and envisages reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3.7% each year from 2022 through 2026.

Ford shuts down French transmission plant

Ford announced in June it would slash 12,000 jobs across Europe.

Lee Iacocca, star CEO who led Ford, saved Chrysler, dies at...

Lee Iacocca, the US auto executive and TV pitchman whose feel for consumers’ changing tastes helped produce the Ford Mustang and the Chrysler minivan, dies at 94.

VW says cooperation talks with Ford ‘close to completion’

Volkswagen and Ford's co-operation on the electric vehicle platform is now close to completion and could be a success.

Ford to close Wales plant in Sept 2020

Ford's decision should it close its plant in Cardiff will be a 'hammer blow' to more than 1,500 workers who depend on the business to get by the day.

China fines Ford joint venture in latest hit on US firm

China is imposing a US$23.6 million fine on Ford's joint venture with Changan Automobile for 'price fixing', a move seen as part of trade war tensions.

China fines Ford joint venture, citing anti-monopoly law

China imposes a US$23.6 million fine on US automaker Ford's joint venture for "price fixing" in violation of anti-monopoly laws.

Ford recalling 273,000 vehicles in North America that could roll away

Car company Ford is recalling nearly 273,000 trucks in North America due to a flaw that causes the vehicle to roll away if the gear is not in 'park' mode.

Ford says US opened criminal probe over vehicle emissions

The American automaker stressed that the probe did not involve "defeat devices" that have cost German automaker Volkswagen billions of dollars.

Ford, Mahindra to co-develop mid-size SUV for emerging markets

The tie-up with Mahindra is critical for Ford as it has been trying to boost its market share.

Ford probing possible problems with fuel economy, emissions tests

The automaker has been investigating concerns raised by employees that incorrect calculations were used to translate test results into the mileage and emissions data submitted to regulators.

Ford to close oldest Brazil plant, exit S.America truck biz

The closure is a blow to the industrial outskirts of Sao Paulo, where Brazil's automotive industry was born and which long drove its industrial growth.

VW, Ford discussing US$4 billion valuation for Argo AI

Argo AI was formed in 2016 by Bryan Salesky, an early leader in Google’s self-driving programme.

Ford’s conveyer belt bed keeps selfish sleepers on their side

The Lane-Keeping Bed uses pressure sensors to identify when someone has moved into their partner's side of the bed.

Ford CEO joins Tesla’s Musk appealing to workers for profit

Hackett called Ford’s performance last year mediocre in an email to employees late Thursday.

Ford forecasts Q4 US$112 million loss amid restructuring costs

For the full year, Ford will post a net profit of US$3.7 billion, less than half the 2017 result.

New Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 debuts with over 700hp

The GT500 is the 1st of its line to benefit from a 7-speed, dual-clutch transmission, the fastest shifting system.

Ford, VW call off joint Detroit appearance to announce alliance

The potential joint venture will follow in the footsteps of others formed in the auto industry.

Ford and Toyota jockey for relevance at Slim Detroit auto show

The lack of competition on the show floor leaves plenty of room for the debuts that are there to shine.

Ford to cut jobs in European revamp

Ford employs around 53,000 people at its wholly-owned facilities in Europe.

Italy fines car finance cartel 678 million euros

Top car makers and their respective banks which offer financing to vehicle purchasers were found guilty of running a financing cartel.

Ford recalls 874,000 pickups in US, Canada on fire risk

Ford says it is aware of three fires due to the defect, with one incident leading to minor damage.

Ford Ranger 2WD Auto makes the best sense ever

This new Ranger 2WD Auto with good safety features, cost efficiency and car-like cabin features warrants a visit to the showroom and a thorough test drive.