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Tag: Foreign students

Maszlee vows to investigate company behind ‘exorbitant’ student visa fees

This comes after the education ministry was given details of abuses by a company which has been given the contract to process student visas.

No thanks, says Anwar on becoming finance minister in troubled times

The PKR president says this is because the nation’s finances are not as strong as they were when he was previously finance minister.

What about us, private colleges group asks Maszlee

They say despite major policies for the public education sector, the education minister seems to have no plans for the private sector.

Malaysian students among those affected by tougher US visa laws

The new policy prompted a legal challenge from 65 US universities who stand to lose from a drop in foreign students.

Foreigners pursuing religious studies in Perlis to undergo screening

Perlis police chief Noor Mushar Mohamed says this after the foreigners nabbed for terrorist activities were found to have entered the country using tourist visas.

Britain should keep foreign students in immigration numbers, report says

Senior Conservatives including Scottish leader Ruth Davidson have suggested students should be dropped from the migration target because they distort the numbers.

German city’s mayor seeks to reassure foreign students

Images of neo-Nazis shouting "foreigners out" and performing the stiff-armed 'Hitler salute' during a protest Monday made headlines far beyond Germany.

‘Malaysia still a top higher learning destination’

Higher education director-general Siti Hamisah Tapsir says 177,000 foreign students were accepted at 10 international campuses as of December.

Fee hike force parents to rethink schooling in Singapore

Increase in school fees for foreign students has made the cost of studying in Singapore to be the same as private schools in Johor.

Australia tightens English requirements for foreign students

Foreign students will also have to take a new official test of their language skills before they can start such university or vocational studies to ensure they have reached the required standard

Intensify monitoring of foreign students, says security expert

Expert says in some countries, visa holders, including those on long-term visas, need to report to authorities every 90 days.

Zahid: Government to draw more foreign students

Home minister says objective to make country a regional hub for education, with target of 200,000 foreign students by 2020, up from current figure of 159,172.

‘Students’ who become illegals, then entrepreneurs

Some of the foreigners who ‘disappear’ end up running successful businesses, says report.