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RM5 billion a year outflow from foreign construction workers

Malaysian Construction Industry Development Authority chief gives an estimate based on RM1,000 a month being sent by the 420,000 registered foreign construction workers.

Make Johor hospital fire findings public, says G25

This includes the findings into the deadly fire at a hospital in Johor and management of foreign workers, which it says have been classified under the OSA.

Nepalis may seek work in Malaysia again, says report

Officials said to have agreed on safer, easier and less costly process for Nepali workers to apply for work in Malaysia.

MTUC wants RCI into foreign worker intake abuses

MTUC says the whole foreign worker intake system is messed up and only a RCI will be able to identify the abuses and recommend remedial measures.

Frustration building up over lack of foreign workers

Recommendations made to Council of Eminent Persons over a year ago have not been implemented, says industry source.

Ban on foreign hires will cripple laundry industry, govt told

Locals are unwilling to work in the business despite good pay, says an entrepreneur.

‘Hungry’ contractors urge govt to speed up job tenders

Master Builders Association Malaysia says big projects, such as the second phases of the Pan Borneo Sabah and East Coast Rail Link, were eagerly awaited by contractors.

Local barbers don’t turn up for work, say owners on why...

Jewellery shop owners also claim local workers often leave to start their own business after learning the trade secrets.

No more foreign barbers as govt goes ahead with ban

Putrajaya says locals should be prioritised in four services sub-sector.

Govt considering standalone act for domestic workers

Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran says the government is discussing the matter with the relevant stakeholders.

Rehire undocumented migrants, don’t bring in new ones, says MP

Klang MP Charles Santiago says undocumented migrant workers who are already in the country should be legalised and allowed to work.

Johnson & Johnson agrees to take back 17 workers a day...

The National Union of Petroleum and Chemical Industry Workers says 10 of the workers have agreed to continue working with the firm but seven want compensation.

Axed workers picket outside healthcare firm

Their union says Johnson & Johnson only gave 24 hours' notice to the workers.

Audit finds fraud in foreign worker visa system

False information recorded in Immigration system to obtain temporary work visas, says Auditor-General

Kula drops African worker idea

As Mahathir has said there is no need to bring in workers from Africa, the human resources minister says he will inform plantation owners that the whole suggestion would be dropped.

Quiet approach allows US NGO to improve lives of workers in...

Instead of 'name-and-shame', it quietly gets famous western apparel companies that use services of Malaysian factories to improve the lives of migrant workers.

Basic wages grew by 5% across the board, says ministry

But Ilmia director Wan Zulkifli Wan Setapa says this can be considered low due to low productivity among workers.

87 foreign workers held in Penang for flouting immigration rules

The workers from Bangladesh, Myanmar, India and Indonesia were detained at a site where two blocks of serviced apartments are being built.

No decision yet on revealing report on foreign workers, says ministry

The human resources ministry denies claims that the Cabinet is opposed to making the report available to the public.

Cabinet against making report on foreign workers public, says source

A special committee set up to streamline policies on foreign workers is said to have suggested placing workers under the human resources ministry.

Don’t demonise foreign workers, Malaysians told

AICHR representative Eric Paulsen laments the 'xenophobic' attitude towards migrant workers, especially during festive seasons where they are portrayed as 'taking over' the city.

Waive regularisation fees for workers’ kids, say oil palm growers

MEOA says the hefty fees could discourage growers from regularising their foreign workers, defeating the purpose of the programme.

Lift foreign worker ban, say Indian Muslims

Jewellery shops and F&B outlets affected by lack of workers, says community leader.

Do we know how to regulate foreign workers?

If the new government is going to pride itself on integrity and good governance, then we should see some changes soon.